Squirrel With A Gun Release Date Window Announced

Maximum Entertainment and Dee Dee Creations have announced the release date window for Squirrel with a Gun.

The game will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam starting this fall.

“In Squirrel with a Gun, you’ll find yourself starting out as nothing but a rodent with a dream,” the studios say. “However, once equipped with one of the many firearms squirrels so often encounter in nature, you’ll use your weapon to take on the agents that are hunting you down. You may be less than a foot tall, but you can wreak havoc with the best of them.”

The game will feature seven different weapons as well as the ability to steal and drive RC cars. Players will even be able to use the weapons to jump around the map if need be, adding a different way to utilize your gun.

In addition to the release date window, a new trailer for the game was also released. You can watch the new trailer in all its squirrel glory below.

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