Don’t Update Minecraft Through The Xbox App On PC, Mojang Says

If you need to update Minecraft, don’t do it through the official Xbox App on PC as it may cause your worlds to be deleted.

In a new update on the Microsoft support website, the company says that it’s found an issue that can occur when updating through the Xbox App. Mojang is “continuing to investigate this world loss issue and are currently blocking the update from Windows to prevent the possibility of lost worlds.”

As far as what players can do to update the game, Mojang suggests running the Gaming Services Repair Tool.

“We recommend that you run the Gaming Services Repair Tool for PC in the Xbox app on PC before installing any Minecraft update,” the company says. “Using this tool updates the Gaming Services to version 19.87.13001.0, which will avoid the update error.”

To run the tool, complete the following steps:

  • Launch the Xbox app on PC.
  • Click your Profile picture.
  • Click on Support.
  • Click on Gaming Services Repair Tool
  • Click on Start Troubleshooting.

In addition to the world deleting issue, Mojang says that players who aren’t on Minecraft version 1.20.70 or 1.20.71 may not have full access to some online services, “including cross-platform multiplayer, Realms, and Featured Servers.”

There’s currently no timetable on when a fix for the updating issue on PC will be resolved.

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