PlayStation 5 Console Sales Continue To Surge

PlayStation 5 sales

If you want proof that the PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been easier to purchase, look no further than recent sales data coming out of Europe.

Per GI Biz, the latest reports state that the PS5 has seen a 369% year-over-year sales increase in Europe. In total, PS5 sales in March were up by five times the amount sold in March 2022.

As far as other consoles are concerned for Q1, the Nintendo Switch saw sales fall 18% year over year while Xbox Series X|S sales were down 10%. Still, thanks to the rise of PS5 sales, console sales have increased by 41% from Q1 2022 with 1.5 million systems sold. March alone saw 570,000 systems sold across Europe (not counting the UK).

Regarding console accessories, 4.7 million have been sold within Europe. That marks a 5% increase from the same time last year. The PS5 DualSense Controller was the best-selling accessory during the time, likely because of the increased sales of the PS5 itself.

With PS5 sales remaining strong alongside the sales of the PlayStation VR2 headset, Sony is looking at one of its most successful years in quite some time. The company is also currently working on newer versions of the PS5 itself as well as a new handheld companion system.

What do you make of the PS5 sales continuing to be strong?

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