New Rumor Suggests a PS5 Slim is Releasing in 2023

A new report from has suggested that a new PlayStation 5 Slim (PS5) is set to release in 2023.

As previously reported, Insider Gaming believes this PlayStation 5 is the detachable disc drive version of the console.

As TheLeak reports, the goal for Sony is to reduce the weight and size of the console; which is something the company has actively been trying to do by reducing the weight of the console with its B and C chassis.

It’s understood that the new console, internally referred to as the D chassis, will not necessarily be branded as a slim version. In fact, this new console is set to replace the old PlayStation 5 entirely as previously reported.

Insider Gaming has seen internal documentation that suggests the old PlayStation 5 console will cease production in October FY23, with the last units hitting shelves in November FY23.

The new console, the D chassis starts production in April FY23 and hits shelves in September FY23.

Sony is expecting to ship over 30 million consoles in FY23, with 18.5 million being the new detachable disc drive version.

It’s understood that this change to the PlayStation 5 console is to reduce weight and size to save on shipping costs, but also to save on production costs.

Sources have said that the new console can be purchased on its own (technically a digital version console) or as a bundle with the new detachable disc drive. Detachable disc drives will also be sold separately if consumers decide to either “upgrade” in the future or if their current disc drive breaks.

This begs the question of when are we getting the PS5 Pro? By now rumors should start circulating about the console, however, the 30 million number currently entails that there is no PlayStation 5 Pro planned until at least FY2024.

Sources believe that a Pro version is likely to come even later than that, with a tentative FY25 number being given as a prediction by one source with knowledge of such news.

In conclusion, we don’t think we’re getting a PS5 Slim in 2023 (at least not branded as that anyway), and instead, we should expect a new (and 4th) iteration of the PlayStation 5.

For more PlayStation news, sources have suggested that the PlayStation x Discord integration will likely conclude in March 2023.