Maximum Football Addresses Loot Boxes In Its Game

Maximum Football loot boxes

Maximum Football is fast approaching early access, and publisher Modus Games is taking the time to address a major elephant in the room: loot boxes.

Maximum Football is an upcoming free-to-play football title built in Unreal Engine. But with it being free, many have been concerned about how the game will make money. In a post on Twitter on Saturday, the studio addressed at least part of that along with a few other questions fans have had.

“No, Maximum Football will not include loot boxes or any kind of randomized content,” the team said.

In addition to no loot boxes, the studio promises that players will be able to enjoy the full game without ever paying a thing.

“Our goal for Maximum Football and moving to a free-to-play model is to ensure the game is available, playable, and most importantly enjoyable for the widest possible audience – free or otherwise,” Modus says.

You can see the answers to other questions via the images below, including when more details on early access will be available. Maximum Football’s full release is scheduled for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S later this year.

Are you excited to give Maximum Football a try this spring?

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