PlayStation to Announce ‘3rd Party’ Content ‘Very Soon’, Snitch Claims

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The Snitch (that’s right, the retired one!) has jumped into his now-public Discord server and let loose with a massive piece of information. According to a reliable source of his, PlayStation is on the verge of announcing third-party content ‘very soon’, but little more than that is known at present.

This is tantalising information, as there are several projects on the horizon such as the Metal Gear Solid remake that is rumored to be announced soon, which would fit the bill perfectly. Needless to say, social circles are already trying to make sense of the cryptic claim, and the suggestion mill is churning out assumptions left and right.

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again?

Well, The Snitch may have written up the comment, but it’s not technically his leak – it belongs to what he’s categorising as a ‘reliable source’.

It was a month ago that The Snitch announced a bold retirement from leaking and breaking news, but we’ll err on the side of understanding and suggest he’s still firmly enjoying his time away from the scene.

However, the attention now turns to the supposed PlayStation ‘3rd party stuff’ that’s potentially being announced very soon. There are high expectations that it could be (amongst other things) a Metal Gear Solid remaster, which is all but confirmed.

This could mean that Sony is preparing to drop a State of Play event, the last of which took place in September. More than five months ago, at the last show, the State of Play revealed Tekken 8, an all-new God of War Ragnarok trailer, as well as key updates on the PS VR2 project.

Given that there’s an Xbox showcase – otherwise named the ‘Developer_Direct’ show – coming on the 25th of January, it would be a nice competitive move for Sony to roll out the State of Play offering up some tasty third-party reveals.

In December 2022, The Snitch told Insider Gaming that he has quit leaking games, but it’s unclear if this means he’s back to his previous shenanigans.

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