Scalebound Revival Could Be Underway, It’s Claimed


Scalebound was an ill-fated title from the beginning, suffering immeasurably at the hands of delays and, ultimately, a full-scale cancellation of the project. It was revealed in 2014, penned to release in 2016, and pushed back to 2017, but then, at the start of the year, it was cancelled by Microsoft Studios, the slated publisher.

Now, in a discussion on the XboxEra podcast, it has been directly suggested that Scalebound may be scheduled for something of a revival. In a breakdown that lasted a couple of minutes, Shpeshal_Nick, co-founder and co-host, explained that PlatinumGames might be working with Xbox to bring the Scalebound project back to life.

Would It Even Work?

It has been over five years since Scalebound, the Xbox-exclusive action RPG, was ultimately cancelled. For the most part, plenty of content was revealed regarding the project, and according to PlatinumGames, many of those planned assets were ported over to the Bayonetta 3 project, so as to not waste them following the cancellation of Scalebound.

When PlatinumGames revealed Scalebound almost ten years ago, it was regarded as a challenging new experience for the studio, but the collaboration between Platinum and Microsoft was expected to make the project more feasible. When the project fell through, Hideki Kamiya, co-founder, explained that the team simply wasn’t experienced enough to deliver on their vision for Scalebound.

Now, in a statement handed down on the XboxEra podcast, it seems that there’s a chance for the Scalebound project to be renewed, potentially receiving something of a fresh start. In a discussion, co-founder and co-host, Shpeshal_Nick, explained:

Now, look – it’s very, very early, but I’ve been told that Platinum(Games) is working with Xbox again to look at bringing back Scalebound.


Nick explained that he wasn’t sure whether this meant a full revival or a ‘pick-up-where-we-left-off’ kind of project, but it’s certainly not something that’s totally outside the realms of possibility.

Last year, Jez Corden published an article to Windows Central that outlined PlatinumGames’ Kamiya’s intention to eventually revive the Scalebound project. However, it’s important to bear in mind that rumours such as this should certainly be taken with a pinch of salt.

Could Scalebound see the light of day once again? There are assumptions that what started out as a third-person action RPG could be mutated into a live-service online RPG title, but that’s a conversation for another day.

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