Plaion Plans to Restructure and Make Layoffs

plaion restructure

It was recently revealed by that Plaion (formerly Koch Media) plans to restructure, merging several brands together under one banner and making ‘a number of layoffs’ across the board.

Following the rebranding that took place a year ago, Plaion seeks to make further changes, merging Deep Silver, Ravenscourt, and Prime Matter into one entity and publishing all future titles from these studios under the name ‘Plaion’.

Unfortunately, this news was accompanied by the revelation that, in keeping with recent trends, there will be layoffs at the firm.

It’s a Long Term Thing

In the report published by, which referenced information handed over by ‘sources close to the matter’, Plaion plans to make these changes over a longer period of time. There’s apparently a desire to ultimately create ‘fewer titles at a higher quality’, and the restructuring of the labels under the Plaion banner is one of the first steps towards achieving that goal.

It’ll reportedly take around twelve months for these changes to take place, and it was stated that even in the future, titles may still be published under the names of Deep Silver, Prime Matter, or Ravenscourt.

Most recently, Deep Silver gained positive press following the staggering success of Dead Island 2, the long-awaited follow-up to one of the best open-world zombie franchises ever made.

It was stated in the report that a representative of Plaion had urged that only ‘five or six jobs’ would be impacted by the impending layoffs.

Furthermore, it’s expected that brands under the Deep Silver label, such as Metro and Saints Row, will be unimpacted by the move.

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