Hogwarts Legacy Has Generated $1 Billion in Retail Sales

Hogwarts Legacy Sales

Despite only releasing on current-generation consoles (release on past-generation today), Warner Bros. has announced Hogwarts Legacy has generated $1 billion in retail sales.

Within two weeks after its February 10 launch, the game sold more than 12 million copies and generated $850 million in global sales revenue. Last month, it was revealed via the Warner Bros. Senior Global Brand Manager that the game had achieved 256% to plan sell-thru at launch.

Despite Hogwarts Legacy’s success, the company posted a big loss, despite its streaming business turning a profit of $50 million for the quarter. With a total revenue of $10.7 billion in the first quarter, it means that Hogwarts Legacy amounted to around 9% of the company’s total revenue for that period.

Just yesterday, Hogwarts Legacy was reported via Newzoo to be the top-grossing title of Q1 2023.

With the past-generation console version released today, it’s likely that Hogwarts Legacy will continue to increase its earnings. On launch in February, Hogwarts Legacy racked up more than 1.3 million concurrent viewers on Twitch, making it the most-watched single-player game of all time on the platform.

Do you think Hogwarts Legacy’s numbers will continue to climb and pass further than $1 billion?

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