Hogwarts Legacy Stands Tall as Top-Grossing Game of Q1 2023

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Hogwarts Legacy continues to be a massive success for Warner Bros. after recent data from Newzoo showed that the game is the top-grossing title of Q1 2023.

The data was provided by Max Otten using Newzoo’s Game Performance Monitor which displays the top 10 titles by revenue generated across the US and UK. The PC version of Hogwarts Legacy topped the charts in both countries. The console version of the game holds a respectable position of second place in the UK and is listed just behind Fifa 2023.

Otten notes that Hogwarts Legacy is considered a “premium title” alongside the likes of Sons of the Forest and Dead Space which outperformed Epic Game’s live service Blockbuster, Fortnite. He also points out that the game coming up short behind FIFA 2023 in the UK is no great surprise given how beloved soccer is in the UK and the country’s burning passion for the sport.

It was recently revealed by WB Games Senior Brand and Marketing Manager, Arien Darby, that Hogwarts Legacy in fact sold 256% more than initially predicted. The explosive sales numbers were sure to come as a welcome surprise to development team Avalanche and Warner Bros in light of the controversy surrounding the game.

GamesIndustry.Biz reported earlier this month that Hogwarts Legacy was in fact so successful that Q1 2023 total sales for video games vastly surpassed the sales numbers from Q1 2022 despite high-profile titles like Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West released that year.

Hogwarts Legacy’s mammoth sales numbers are only set to get even higher with the game set to release globally on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms tomorrow.

Are you surprised to see that Hogwarts Legacy is maintaining its success?
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