Phil Spencer: Game Pass Price Hike Is ‘Inevitable’

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It was around three months ago that the price of Game Pass was boosted amidst a shake-up, raising the cost of the Xbox- and PC-based subscription service by a couple of dollars a month here and there. It has since received content like Starfield, so people weren’t all that fussed – but it was also in line with inflation and a flailing economy, so it’s whatever, right?

Speaking to a Japanese publication off the back of the Tokyo Game Show, Phil Spencer was asked about the future of Xbox Game Pass – specifically as to whether it would see another price hike in the near future. He beat around the bush a little bit, but ultimately, he stressed that a price rise is ‘inevitable’.

Does The Pope?

These days, the cost of a loaf of bread is enough to make the average adult sweat through their clothes, so it comes as no surprise that gamers start feeling a little antsy when price hikes are discussed – but according to Phil Spencer, they’re inevitable.

But that also makes immense amounts of sense, and on this occasion, I’ll praise Spencer for being transparent and saying it like it is. Of course, there will be a price hike – that’s how things work.

His exact statement went:

Although the main premise is to provide more value, the price is I think it is inevitable that it will rise in the future. We recently raised our prices once, but the decision was made after careful consideration. We believe it is important to provide services that are recognized as being of sufficient value even if prices are increased.

(Thanks to Idle Sloth for the translation from JP)

It was just a couple of months ago that Xbox Game Pass – and PC Game Pass – received a sizeable shake-up, but it was one of the first major changes to the pricing structure of the service in years. So, it’s safe to assume that it’ll be quite a while before we see any more changes made – even if they are, in P3’s words, inevitable.

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  1. GamePass is shaping up to be Microsoft’s biggest disaster. Good luck sustaining that terrible service.

    1. That has to be the dumbest statement ever. It is hailed to be the best of all subscriptions. Alone the content and the amount of day one releases is staggering. Compared to sonys way of handling things with PS plus xbox is doing great. Spencers response is just how things are, everything becomes more expensive down the line.

  2. It’s turning into “not so great a deal” real quick. I don’t have enough time to play games to justify ANOTHER price hike, especially when the content exclusive to Gamepass/added to Gamepass has gotten less and less interesting over time. I was already considering cancelling, I should just do it.

    1. You should. I unsubscribed after being subbed for over a year. The games that i’m interested in never release day one on GP anyway, so you’re buying games for $70 plus paying $100+ more for GP on top of that. Not worth it.

  3. These comments are dumb. If it is not worth it for you, then go ahead and cancel the subscription. But for people like me that tries almost all inclusions it is incredible value, specially since it allows me to play some games that I am iffy on whether they are worth or not the price, and found some experiences I really enjoy that I would otherwise never give a chance.

    About price increases. It is a bit delusional to think they will keep adding First Party releases, which will never leave the catalog, and the price will keep constant.

  4. Love gamepass. It’s fairly cheap here in Singapore, 13 dollars a month for ultimate. And so many games to play. Alot of freaking day ones games coming. Wow. Gamepass ultimate a year cost the same as buying one and a half triple a game. Wow. How do u beat that. I played plagues tale, outriders, yakuza, starfield, elysium chronicles, scarlet nexus, forza, all these cost so much more. Lol, i wanted to buy persona tactics and sea of stars, guess what they come out on gamepass. Only blinded and in denial ppl can’t see the value it brings to gamers.

  5. If Microsoft buys EA and Take2 then maybe then I’ll be ok with paying more. They have to justify the price hike with better games and more of them.

  6. Subscribers were always going to see the bill for Microsoft’s acquisitions. The world’s third largest gaming company wasn’t cheap even after Kotick artificially tanked the stock price and Microsoft didn’t go on a buying spree for the love of gaming.

  7. Everything on this earth is going to cost more over time. Look at your food, Netflix, shampoo, literally everything.

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