Oh, Another 30 FPS Controversy – Thanks, Konami

30 fps mgs

I feel like there’s a ’30 FPS’ scandal at least once a week these days. It was big news a few weeks ago when everyone was raving about Starfield being locked to 30 FPS on consoles, and now, it’s Metal Gear Solid’s turn. Next month, the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection will be released, and fans have found a huge issue with something that’s becoming increasingly irritating to discuss.

In short, Konami has revealed the specifications of the Master Collection ahead of its launch, breaking down the output resolution and maximum frame rate for each of the three games. For MGS2 and MGS3, everything is hunky-dory – 60 FPS and a 1920 x 1080 output on most platforms, right?

But MGS1? Yeah, it’s 30 FPS on every platform.

Is It Worth Complaining About?

It’s almost considered an elitist argument these days – gamers who want the best results possible spit at the 30 FPS frame rate lock, regardless of how often it occurs. I’ll be honest – I’ve played Starfield for around one hundred hours on Xbox Series X, frame rate lock and all, and I had a fantastic time. At the same time, I’m perfectly happy playing something on my PC and unlocking the frame rate – I’m not an FPS snob.

This particular argument is probably the worst one we’ve seen, as it pertains to one-third of a collection – it’s not even the full package.

If you buy the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection, you’ll be playing MGS1 at 30 FPS, regardless of the platform that you’re on. I mean, if you’re on Nintendo Switch, you’ll be playing every single game in that trio at 30 FPS anyway, but you dealt with Tears of the Kingdom running at 30 FPS, so you can manage this accordingly.

Sure, it’s annoying that these games aren’t being upscaled to or released in 4K, and the ‘imbalance’ in frame rates may make for a slightly jarring experience for some users, but… (I’m shrugging in real life here)

Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Volume 1 will be released on October 24th.

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  1. Meanwhile us 90’s kids who grew up playing it at 30fps on PS1…*Whistling* << lol.

    Seriously can we please cut it out with the "everything has to be 220fps 8k" elitism?

  2. As much as I love MGS I think I’m gonna skip this feels nothing more than a cash grab now and just rereleasing the old PS3 and Xbox 360 versions we had probably no rework on the textures or anything I’m sure they also ran at 1080p if not was 720p sure a slight bump in resolution maybe neat but fact no 4k support and MGS 1 isn’t even a remaster either I mean why couldn’t they of gave both MGS1 and the GameCube twin Snakes version and remastered that?

    I mean sure it’s neat to finally see them coming to PC at most but it’s probably best just to emulate the games and throw on a texture mod and get a somewhat overall better experience.

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