Once Human Brings in More Than 120,000 Players on Launch Day 

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On Tuesday, the highly anticipated game “Once Human” by Starry Studios was launched worldwide. This free-to-play, post-apocalyptic, open-world survival co-op shooter has made an impressive debut, drawing in an enthusiastic community of over 120,000 players on Steam within just one day of its release.

Once Human is Off To A Great Start

According to SteamDB, Once Human has achieved a significant milestone by reaching its highest concurrent player count of 123,957 (at the time of writing). Its impressive number indicates a strong initial interest in the co-op shooter, as the game has successfully surpassed the 120,000-player mark within its first day of release. The widespread attention garnered by Once Human on its launch day raises anticipation about the possibility of attracting an even more significant player base throughout its launch week.

What is Once Human? 

Once Human is set in a post-apocalyptic world infested by an alien creature known as Stardust, where humanity, animals, and plants have been greatly affected, as a meta-human who has somehow survived the contamination, you can harness Stardust’s power. Players have the choice to embark on this world-saving journey alone or call their friends for help. Uncovering the truth will be a challenging and lengthy process; players must survive in the wilderness, engage with some of the most dangerous monsters, customize weapons, and establish their territory.

Future Content for Players

Once Human’s journey is just beginning, the developers have already laid out an exciting content plan for its website. The developers will introduce Manibus and Evolution’s Call in July, offering new adventures and challenges. The anticipation continues with the launch of a new PvP scenario in September, followed by a New PvE scenario. These upcoming updates and expansions will keep the Once Human community engaged and eager for more. 

In other news, check out Insider Gaming’s guides on Once Human, explaining the PvP and cross-platform aspects of the game. Also, check out the devs outlining the unique ‘Eternaland’ mechanic. Have you tried Once Human? Let us know in the comments.

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