Nintendo Reveals Trailer For M-Rated Game, Teases Creepy ‘Emio’

Nintendo released a new cinematic trailer today, teasing an apparent horror game with an M-rating from the ESRB, featuring the mysterious “Emio.”

The trailer is very brief and doesn’t include any details about the plot or release window. Instead, it only features grainy cinematic footage of a man standing in the dark, wearing a paper bag with a smiley-face on it.

The trailer description has no other information either, simply inviting fans to ask, “who is Emio?” with a corresponding hashtag.

This off-brand approach for Nintendo’s Emio trailer both surprised and delighted many fans. It’s unclear if the cinematic nature of the teaser relates to the gameplay itself, possibly hinting at the interactive movie genre.

Most recently, Nintendo held a massive direct showcase in June 2024. It featured 40 minutes of new games and updates that will release in the second half of 2024. That included games with a variety of budgets like Farmagia and The New Denpa Man.

Since today’s new M-rated game didn’t make an appearance during that event, it may not launch anytime this year.

If it arrives in 2025, it may even wait to launch on the Switch successor. But this is only speculation, and it does have an ESRB rating. Nintendo has not confirmed anything about the Emio game’s release date.

Nintendo also recently revealed its plans to prevent gaming leaks, so fans might have to wait for something official to hear more.

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  1. The should remake Eternal Darkness already and obvious F-Zero GX. The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower should be remade too.

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