Once Human Devs Outline Unique ‘Eternaland’ Mechanic

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Once Human is being released today, with the developer, Starry Studio, deploying another open-world survival game into the well-populated genre. Once Human is a free-to-play, multiplayer-based title with base-building elements, sumptuous visuals, and a wide variety of enemies to battle with friends or alone.

Ahead of the game’s release, the team at Starry Studio released a blog post detailing the season and ‘wipe’ operating model that Once Human will have, touching on the innovative ‘Eternaland’ mechanic that’s being featured in the game.

It Stays Forever

Once Human looks great on the surface, and early gameplay previews have revealed a game that offers a substantial amount of freedom and customisation. It’s probably not bad for a free-to-play survival shooter – but it’s in the unique elements that Once Human shines.

One such element is the Eternaland feature. In a recent blog post, Starry Studio explained that Once Human will be subject to regular seasons, and the end of each season will bring a ‘wipe’ or a reset to the platform, offering a ‘new start gaming experience, allowing you to rectify any regrets from the previous season.’

Here’s the twist, though – everything you unlock and collect while you play Once Human, including blueprints, homes, and ‘memories of fighting alongside friends’, will be transported to Eternaland, which has been dubbed ‘a personal world of your own’. In the blog post, Starry Studio said that by doing this, Once Human can offer ‘limitless imagination and creativity’, giving players a permanent and personal environment within which to experiment, complete new challenges, and ‘unleash (their) creativity’.

It’s a long way of saying that Once Human has a creative mode, basically.

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