Forza Motorsport Update 10 Split into Two Separate Phases

Forza Motorsport Launch Features

In a new post on X, the official Forza Motorsport account revealed that Update 10 will release in two different phases.

The first phase will release on July 10, 2024, featuring a new car and event content. The devs add it will also include “minor improvements to Hockenheim and Catalunya, additional aero wings, and Replay UI changes.”

The second download does not have a release date at this time. The devs say they will announce a release date “as soon as details are available.” This second download will introduce the rest of the “features and fixes for Update 10.”

Today’s post does not explain exactly why the devs decided to break Forza Motorsport’s Update 10 into two phases. The devs did announce an Update 10 Overview video, blog post, and release notes are coming tomorrow.

The Overview video will release at 9 am PT, but it will only feature content from the first phase. The accompanying blog post and release notes will reveal the second update content, which will contain “fixes and features.”

Most recently, the devs also made some big changes to car progression with an update last March.

Meanwhile, Forza Horizon 4 recently beat its all-time player peak record after announcements it will be delisted. Playground Games revealed that Forza Horizon 4 will be delisted from digital storefronts worldwide due to licensing.

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