Forza Motorsport Is Making Changes To Car Progression

Forza Motorsport Car Progression

Turn 10 Studios has announced that it’s making changes to how car progression works in Forza Motorsport.

In a blog post on Wednesday, the developer says that changes will be coming alongside the game’s next major title update in March.

The first thing revealed is that all car parts can be accessed starting at Car Level 1 for every car in the game.

“Once a car is added to your car collection, you can install upgrades to it in any order that you wish,” the studio says. “Whether it’s engine swaps, race tires, aspiration changes, body kits or any other part available for your vehicle, you will have the freedom to build cars your way.”

The next update relates to Car Points. In addition to earning them as you level up your car, Car Points will be able to be purchased using in-game currency. At the start, it will cost 4,500 Credits to purchase 500 Car Points, a ratio that Turn 10 Studios says is being tested and could change after launch.

“This means you can begin to immediately install upgrades to your car if you have sufficient Credits or if you would rather save your Credits, you can still earn car parts through car leveling as before,” they said.

Lastly, it was announced that brand discounts will remain the same. That means the 5% discount per car that gets to level 50 for a specific manufacturer. Getting a car to level 50 will still take roughly 2-3 hours of on-track racing.

What do you think of the changes coming to the Forza Motorsport car progression system? For more Insider Gaming, read about the major investment that Disney is making in Epic Games and Fortnite.

  1. This sounds like a massive improvement, I’ll consider coming to the game if it doesn’t constantly crash with this update

  2. This is looking to be a much better improvement, I was really dissapointed with how the car progression worked at launch. Might be time to give the game another go..?

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