iRacing Announces Arcade Racing Game

iRacing Arcade game

There’s a new arcade racing game coming from iRacing. The company has announced a new partnership with Original Fire Games to develop and publish a “racing game aimed at the broader casual racing market”.

Currently known simply as “iRacing Arcade”, this new game will launch sometime in 2025 for PC and console. According to the announcement, this new game will “build upon the infrastructure of Circuit Superstars, Original Fire Games’ current release, to create an all-new product that takes the already fun driving experience to the next level.”

“iRacing has long been interested in expanding into other niches in the race gaming market, and we’re thrilled to be doing that with Original Fire Games,” said iRacing president Tony Gardner via release. “We have a lot of respect for what they’ve done with Circuit Superstars, as a lot of our team have played and loved the game.

“Their existing game is fun, very high quality, and the driving is great, three of the things we insist all our games have. Teaming up with them is the perfect opportunity for us to enter this space with a strong foundation that we can build upon.”

Original Fire Games co-founder Carolina Mastretta added: “What we created with Circuit Superstars showed us that there is a hunger for arcade-like racing experiences that are true to motorsport. As an industry leader of the sim racing space for nearly two decades, iRacing has talent, expertise and technology that can help us catalyze the potential of the foundation we’ve built so far.”

The development of the game will be led by Original Fire Games. iRacing will support the development by sharing various technologies and development resources. The game will feature a career mode and more in-depth gameplay elements.

iRacing Arcade isn’t the only game coming from the studio. iRacing launches ExoCross this month and is currently developing its first NASCAR game that comes next year.

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