Is Once Human Cross Platform? – Answered

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Following the launch of the free-to-play survival game Once Human, players have some qualms and questions. There are concerns over privacy, issues with character creation, performance once within a server, and the launch of the title elsewhere. For instance, is Once Human cross-platform?

Does Once Human Support Cross-Platform Play?

Once Human does offer cross-platform support from day one! The studio announced that all accounts created for the game are cross-platform and that the game uses the same servers no matter where you log in. You connect and play.

Once you log in, you’ll have access to your character, regardless of which system or launcher you play the game on.

Now, there’s another question up in the air, however. In their official FAQ, developer Starry Studio said that Steam accounts do not support cross-platform play because of “inherent limitations.” However, they also said that even if you sign in via Steam, you can play on the same servers as everyone else.

This may mean that Steam can only play with PC players, but “access to the same servers” as all other players makes it sound more like everyone.

What Other Systems Is Once Human Launching On?

Currently, Once Human is available only on PC via Steam, Loading Bay, or Epic Games Store. Word is the game will also launch on mobile—Android and iOS—sometime down the road. For now, there’s no official release date for either.

Furthermore, there are many questions about whether a console launch for Once Human is in the cards. As of right now, it’s not. Of course, there are rumors indicating the survival game will ultimately launch on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, but so far, nothing has been officially confirmed by Starry Studio.

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