What Does Ghost Mean in Warzone? – Answered

Warzone UZI
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If you see an entire match of Warzone through to the finish, upon reaching the extraction scene, you’ll note a title above your name. It may appear random, but it’s not. The title you receive has a meaning. So, what does Ghost mean in Warzone?

What is Ghost in Call of Duty: Warzone?

When you receive Ghost in Warzone, it means you were one of the stealthiest players in the lobby. You kept out of firefights, avoided particularly hostile zones, and when you did engage in combat, you did so with a mastery of ambush tactics, suppressed weaponry, and silent knife kills to take home a victory.

Of course, you don’t need to win the game to earn the Ghost title. It’s just a matter of your playstyle!

How to Earn Ghost Title in Warzone

If you wish to earn the Ghost title in Warzone for fun or bragging rights, then you must:

  • Obtain kills using Throwing Knives
  • Obtain kills using suppressed weapons
  • Take as little damage as possible
  • Do not get killed

It’s a challenging title to unlock and, as mentioned, certainly one worthy of bragging rights. It may take a few tries to perfect your play style to be as ninja-like as possible, though.

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