How to Get Bot Lobbies in Warzone

I completely understand why you would want to land in bot lobbies in Warzone. Sometimes, despite your overall skill level, you want to kick back and relax. A little practice never hurt anyone, right? Here is how to accomplish this feat, though you might encounter a player or two along the way, so be wary of those fast-moving, bunny-hopping characters. They’re a menace!

How to Get Into a Bot Lobby in Warzone

To access bot lobbies in Warzone, there are a few paths to take:

  • Use a VPN. With a VPN, you can spoof your internet connection to anywhere in the world, thereby connecting to Warzone from a country where it’s currently 3 AM, meaning most people aren’t around playing CoD; they’re asleep.
  • In your own time zone, play earlier in the day. If you play in the early morning hours, when most adults get ready for work and head out for the day, you’re more likely to join a bot lobby.
  • Turn off the game’s crossplay features, which significantly reduces the number of players you’ll encounter on your system.
  • Play with someone who has a low K/D in your party to access significantly easier lobbies and, potentially, bot lobbies.

Why Play in Bot Lobbies in Call of Duty

warzone ranked play beta

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to hop into bot lobbies in Call of Duty, especially Warzone, primarily because:

  • Practice: Sometimes, you don’t want to deal with the try-hard players who shoot for the top three spots in each lobby. You want to practice, learn the game’s mechanics and map, and check out a new loadout that you recently unlocked. There’s nothing wrong with that!
  • Internet: Occasionally, due to a poor internet connection, you may wind up dealing with severe lag that leads to an untimely death in Warzone. Instead of dealing with other players, it’s sometimes better to only face bots when you know your internet connection sucks that day!
  • Streaming: Yeah, let’s go there. Many of the top Call of Duty streamers tend to hop into bot lobbies when playing online or creating content. It’s an excellent way to top the in-game leaderboard for that match, impress a small crowd, and show off some skills you’ve practiced in the off-hours. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that, so long as you’re upfront with your community!

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