Do You Need PS Plus to Play Warzone? – Answered

Warzone Shotgun Operator
Image via Activision

These days, you seem to need a monthly subscription plan for almost everything under the sun. Sure, in some ways, they can help you save money. In others, however, it’s a detriment to your wallet. But what about your favorite battle royale? Do you need PS Plus to play Warzone?

Does Warzone Require PS Plus?

Believe it or not, you do not need PS Plus to play Warzone in 2024. It’s available to anyone who owns a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 without paying the monthly subscription. Back in the day (showing my age here!), if you wanted to play online multiplayer with those around the world on a console, you were forced to pay for the monthly sub. It was a real mood killer.

But these days, Sony and Activision want as many people to enjoy the game as possible, so the monthly sub requirement is no longer an obstacle for new players.

Is Warzone Free to Play?

Yes! Call of Duty: Warzone is free to play on all available systems. Besides the mobile version, it’s one of the only Call of Duty titles that is available to download and keep without paying a cent.

That said, being a free-to-play competitive shooter, you can expect plenty of microtransactions to help account for the missing retail price tag. Honestly, I think Warzone is one of the worst regarding microtransactions. They’re not usually pay to win, though some skins do offer a distinct advance in-game. However, the cosmetics’ overall cost and excessive nature feel overwhelming. It sours the mood.

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