Where to Get New Weapons in The First Descendant

The First Descendant Deslin
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While the Descendants themselves steal the show, with their unique abilities and appearances, it’s the weapons that will help push you to new heights. If your primary rifle is weak, you won’t be able to push end-game content. Well, here is where to get new weapons in The First Descendant!

How to Get New Guns in The First Descendant

There are multiple ways to acquire new weapons in The First Descendant. You can unlock powerful guns via the game’s battle pass, earn them by completing missions and defeating bosses out in the world, and by purchasing guns and other equipment from Deslin on Albion.

The First Descendant Weapon Shop
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Deslin is the easiest way to acquire new weapons in the game. He sits just down the staircase leading to the left-hand (when looking at the map) portion of Albion. You can’t miss him, as he’s marked with an icon of two crossed rifles and his odd appearance. He wears modified welding goggles and a pilot’s cap.

While the weapons he sells prove inexpensive and readily available, you’ll likely visit him to buy Reactors. You’re more likely to unlock new weapons by completing missions out in the world. They’re bite-size content that rewards you after a few minutes of combat.

How to Improve Your Weapons in The First Descendant

The First Descendant features a system in which the more you use a weapon, the more powerful it can become. You earn Proficiency XP for every kill and mission you complete, and as your weapon levels, it unlocks Module slots. You absolutely want to slot Modules into your weapon, as they alter the gun’s fire rate, damage type, critical hit chance, and more.

As such, even if you find an end-game weapon that’s more powerful than anything you’ve used previously, you’ll want to grind out missions and enemy kills to upgrade it further!

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  1. Deslin has got to be one of the most useless vendors in gaming. You get new and better loot so readily in the open world and missions, there’s never a reason to even look at what he has to offer.

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