What Does Weapon Proficiency Do in The First Descendant? – Answered

The First Descendant Ominous Hound
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The first time you unlock a new weapon and explore the game’s equipment and inventory system, you’ll note your gun has an orange bar beneath its stats. This bar indicates its Weapon Proficiency level, and you can’t click it or hover over it, making it a mystery. So, what does Weapon Proficiency do in The First Descendant?

What is Weapon Proficiency in The First Descendant?

The game’s Weapon Proficiency system directly affects how powerful your weapon will become as you progress through the game. It’s your skill level with each unique weapon in the game, and the higher the level, the more top-tier Modules you can equip to your gun in The First Descendant.

The First Descendant Weapon Proficiency
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It’s a way to increase your power level further upon unlocking one of the game’s best weapons—or a favorite weapon that you don’t want to let go of—to push end-game content.

So, why do you need more Modules on your weapon? Think of Modules in The First Descendant like Gems in an RPG. They alter the effects and affixes of your gun with additional damage, better accuracy, and improved critical hit rate chances. Some even add elemental damage to your bullets, like Fire.

How to Increase Your Weapon Proficiency

There’s only one way to increase your Weapon Proficiency in The First Descendant. You must equip and use the gun in the field. The more you use a weapon, the more Proficiency XP you earn.

Once you complete a mission out in the game’s various zones, you’ll receive a summary of how much Proficiency XP you earned during the quest.

It’s best to occasionally swap weapons to ensure none fall behind the curve!

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