Destiny 2 Codes for July 2024

Destiny 2 Titan Shield
Image via Bungie

I don’t know about you, but I love getting free stuff. While I’m happy to support a developer or a game that I adore playing, the occasional free gift simply for inputting a code on a redemption site for Destiny 2, for instance, helps build loyalty and hype. With that in mind, here are the Destiny 2 codes for July 2024!

All Current Destiny 2 Codes for July

There are quite a few July Destiny 2 codes available that you can redeem to score free items, including Shaders and Emblems in-game. Here are the current codes, though they change frequently, and some may wind up ending before the month is out.

  • FJ9-LAM-67F: Binding Focus
  • JD7-4CM-HJG: Illusion of Light
  • JDT-NLC-JKM: Ab Aeterno
  • JNX-DMH-XLA: Field of Light
  • JYN-JAA-Y7D: Galilean Excursion
  • ML3-FD4-ND9: Be True
  • N3L-XN6-PXF: The Reflective Proof
  • RA9-XPH-6KJ: Cryonautics
  • X4C-FGX-MX3: Note of Conquest
  • X9F-GMA-H6D: The Unimagined Plane
  • XFV-KHP-N97: The Visionary
  • YRC-C3D-YNC: Spicy Ramen Emblem
  • VA7-L7H-PNC: Liminal Nadir
  • XMY-G9M-6XH: Limitless Horizon
  • A67-C7X-3GN: Bulbul Tarang Emblem
  • TK7-D3P-FDF: Rainbow Connection (Emote)
  • JND-HLR-L69: Marathon ARG Emblem
  • VXN-V3T-MRP: Harmonic Commencement Emblem
  • HN3-7K9-93G: Airlock Invitation Emblem
  • TNN-DKM-6LG: Year of The Rabbit Emblem
  • 9LX-7YC-6TX: Telesto Emblem
  • R9J-79M-J6C: National Coming Out Day Emblem
  • ML3-FD4-ND9: Trans Pride Emblem
  • JVG-VNT-GGG: Ukraine Support Emblem
  • D97-YCX-7JK: Crushed Gamma
  • PKH-JL6-L4R: Tangled Web
  • F99-KPX-NCF: Shadow’s Light
  • 6LJ-GH7-TPA: Sneer of the Oni
  • PHV-6LF-9CP: Countdown to Convergence
  • L7T-CVV-3RD: Heliotrope Warren
  • 3VF-LGC-RLX: Insula Thesauraria
  • 7CP-94V-LFP: Lone Focus, Jagged Edge
  • 7D4-PKR-MD7: Sequence Flourish
  • 7F9-767-F74: Sign of the Finite
  • 7LV-GTK-T7J: Future In Shadow
  • A7L-FYC-44X: Flames of Forgotten Truth

Destiny 2 Shader Codes (July 2024)

  • 7MM-VPD-MHP: Double Banshee Shader
  • RXC-9XJ-4MH: Oracle 99 Shader
  • XVX-DKJ-CVM: Seraphim’s Gauntlets

How to Redeem Codes for Destiny 2

To redeem codes for Destiny 2, visit the official Bungie website, then navigate to their Code Redemption section. Or click the link! Once there, log into your account and connect to your system, then start entering codes.

You’ll want to copy and paste the codes precisely as we have them here to ensure you don’t miss out on any freebies!

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