Prepare Yourself – Nintendogs Could Be Coming to Mobile


It has been revealed through the discovery of the filing of a US patent published on the 17th of January that Nintendogs will almost certainly be making an appearance on mobile devices in the near future.

That’s right – Nintendogs – the animal-loving escapade of a title that debuted in 2005, launching on the Nintendo DS. That’s not a joke – Nintendogs went on to become the second highest-selling game on the platform, and a sequel was spawned for the 3DS several years later.

Now, it seems as though an AR-driven variant of Nintendogs will be heading to our handheld devices quite soon.

Game of the Year Contender?

Once upon a time, Nintendogs was one of the most iconic chillout games, offering players the ability to throw balls for their dogs and groom them for hours on end. They’d teach them tricks, speak to them through the DS’ microphone, and even use the console’s wireless linkup to interact with other players and their own dogs.

In 2011, the universe was expanded immeasurably with the addition of… Cats.

As if it couldn’t get any better, players now found themselves frolicking with feline friends, loving life and praising Nintendo for this ultimate gift of a game.

On the 17th of January, a United States patent was published (and subsequently dug up by eagle-eyed gamers)_ that reveals the planned existence of an AR-focused, mobile-based Nintendogs game. In this patent documentation, a technical stack is revealed, alongside conceptual imagery and around twenty pages of solid text that break down the inner workings of the (planned) game.

With rumours currently circulating that Tears of the Kingdom will be the last big game for the Nintendo Switch platform, it hardly comes as a surprise to learn that Nintendo may be looking for other avenues of development. There are high expectations that an all-new platform will be announced this year, as in 2023, the Switch turns six years old.

Nintendogs on mobile, though? That’s a game-changer.

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