First Hour of Forspoken Gameplay Leaked

Forspoken Gameplay

If you can’t wait to scratch your Forspoken itch, you don’t have to anymore. The first hour of Forspoken gameplay has been leaked online for the world to see.

The leak comes via the Resetera forums. In it, you can get a full look at the start of the game’s story, how the game’s combat works, in-game items, and more. Of course it’s not everything the game has to offer, but it’s a nice thirst quencher ahead of release.

You can view the gameplay for yourself by following the link above.

What Is Forspoken?

If you haven’t been keeping up on the game’s development, Forspoken is the latest title from Square Enix. The game centers around Frey Holland who finds herself taken from her home in New York City and placed in the fantasy world of Athia. To get home, she must use magical powers to get through the region.

From Square Enix:

“This beautiful land once flourished under the reign of benevolent matriarchs, called Tantas, until a devastating blight relentlessly corrupted everything it touched. The Break transformed animals into beasts, men into monsters, and rich landscapes into four dangerous realms. At the center of their shattered domains, the Tantas now rule as maddened and evil sorceresses. Unaffected by the Break and desperate for answers, Frey reluctantly agrees to help the last remaining citizens of Athia who see her as their only hope.”

Players can experience Forspoken gameplay themselves when the game launches on January 24 exclusively on PC and PlayStation 5.

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