Ninja: COD Players Are ‘Disgusting, Mentally Abused’


In a clip taken from a recent livestream, world-renowned streamer, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, spoke about the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 3, talking specifically about the nature of the series’ fanbase. He became instantly inflammatory, slamming the game and predicting massive waves of bugs and cheaters – but insisting that because Call of Duty players are ‘disgusting’ and ‘mentally abused’, they’ll just keep playing anyway.

Is He Right?

It wasn’t the most outrageous thing Ninja has ever said, but it has understandably riled an entire community. In the clip that was captured, Ninja said:

The new COD is going to be RIDDLED with glitches and cheaters when it launches and it’ll take them months to fix one issue. But guess what? The gunplay is going to be good and people are going to be jizzing over the mobility, that you disgusting, mentally-abused players are going to fall for it, and you’re going to keep playing it and keep playing it.

Making more crude references, the veteran streamer then referenced how Activision’s studios placate players by releasing themed skins over time rather than patching out issues. He then said that after eight months, viewership will ‘be dead’ and COD fans will be playing ‘any other game under the sun’, and then the next game will be released and the cycle will continue.

Do you agree?

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