Full List Of Lords of the Fallen Achievements

Lords Of The Fallen Achievements Story Trailer

With its release coming on October 13, the full list of trophies and achievements for the upcoming Lords of the Fallen has been posted online.

In total, it looks like there will be 63 achievements to earn for those who want to complete 100% of the game. You can see all of the achievements below but know that they may contain spoilers.

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Lords of the Fallen Achievements List

Lord of The Fallen
Earn all trophies.

A Veil Lifted
Die in Axiom for the first time.

Lost and Found
Retrieve vigor lost upon death.

Weapon Collector
Collect all weapons.

Collect all armor pieces.

What Sights Contained Within
Collect all Umbral Eyes.

Trinket Collector
Collect all rings and pendants.

Ammunition Collector
Collect all ammo types.

Inferno Adept
Collect all Inferno spells.

Radiant Adept
Collect all Radiance spells.

Umbral Adept
Collect all Umbral spells.

Throwable Collector
Collect all throwables.

Gesture Collector
Collect all gestures.

Salvation in Blood
Fully upgrade the Sanguinarix.

Honed in Perfection
Fully upgrade a weapon.

Rune Novice
Place a rune in a socket for the first time.

Rune Master
Fully socket a 3-rune weapon or a shield.

Carving Out Victory
Fully upgrade the Umbral lamp.

Utmost Insight
Fully socket the Umbral lamp with Umbral Eyes.

Beckon a co-op partner.

Shared Triumph
Defeat a boss alongside a co-op partner.

Vengeance for the Fallen
Avenge a fallen lampbearer.

No Mercy
Defeat another player in PVP.

Infernal Offerings
Donate a total of 10 Pilfered Coins.

Umbral Offerings
Donate a total of 10 Plucked Eyeballs.

Shades of Violence
Apply a tinct to a piece of gear.

Rise and Fall
Defeat Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal.

Together in Death
Defeat the Congregator of Flesh.

Burying the Past
Defeat the Hushed Saint.

Defeat the Spurned Progeny.

Unbroken to the End
Defeat the Unbroken Promise.

Wings of Grief
Defeat the Hollow Crow.

Twin Faces of Sin
Defeat Reinhold the Immured.

Defeat Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel.

Hunt’s End
Defeat the Lightreaper.

The King is Dead
Defeat the Sundered Monarch.

A Hunger Sated
Defeat Elianne the Starved.

Defeat Adyr, the Bereft Exile.

None Shall be Spared
Defeat all bosses.

The Price of Knowledge
Exacter Dunmire gains the knowledge he seeks.

Part of the Divine
Damarose the Marked receives her divine reward.

Travels Resumed
Sparky is liberated.

Moving On
Byron finds a new purpose.

Hero Worship
Drustan’s faith in his brother remains steadfast.

Antana’s Legacy
The value of Andreas of Ebb’s friendship is made clear.

Stomund, Captain of the Fidelis is greeted at the Empyrean.

Without Purpose
Thehk-Ihir leaves Mournstead.

A Queen’s Rest
Sophesia bestows a final favor.

The Last Step
The Iron Wayfarer’s journey finally ends.

Vengeful Reflection
An Umbral imprint of Isaac faces the Lightreaper.

Lord of the Risen
Reach the Adyr ending.

In Light we Walk
Reach the Radiant ending.

Back to the Void
Reach the Umbral ending.

A Shadow Dispelled
Defeat the Scarlet Shadow.

Essence of Death
Defeat an enemy with an Umbral finisher.

Thriving in Darkness
Use a Vesting Seed.

Reach Level 100.

Visit all of the areas in the game.

The Past Shapes the Present
Offer Molhu the Bowl of Revelations.

Lingering Moments
View all Umbral stigmas.

A Rest Among the Dead
Reach the Skyrest Bridge interior.

A Trace of Venom
Kukajin concludes her business in Mournstead.