Next Halo Game In Development, Reports Claim

next halo game

It has been claimed that 343 Industries is actively working on the next Halo campaign and that a pivot away from Halo Infinite is taking place as we speak. For months, those still clinging tightly to 2021’s Halo Infinite have been holding out hope that some kind of expansion will be offered up for the game’s campaign, but as time goes on, that’s seeming less and less likely.

The Next Generation

These reports come from the SG Bitcast, a gaming podcast hosted by ‘Seasoned Gaming’, and this specific tidbit of information was handed down by the site’s editor-in-chief, Ains. When asked about the series, Ains stated that there’s a team actively working on ‘the restructure that is building the next generation of Halo on Unreal.’

At the start of 2023, there were concerns regarding the future of Halo, especially amidst layoffs at Microsoft that impacted 343 Industries. Fans were reassured that Halo isn’t going anywhere, but at present, nobody knows what’s next for the series. Over time, the player count ebbs and flows, Halo Infinite keeps getting updated, and even the esports side of the series is plugging away in the background.

If there is a new Halo game in development, what would you like to see from it? It could be years before it hits the market – you’ve got plenty of time to mull that one over.

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  1. It needs to be like Halo 5. The fast paced gameplay was a perfect evolution from the original Halo. The Halo oldheads are the reason why Infinite sucks.

    1. Brother, Infinite sucks for a lot of reasons but it ain’t because “old heads” want the game to stick with the core tenets that made it what it is today. Counterstrike is a great example of a game carving out its niche and sticking with it. Since 343 took the reins, Halo has lost its identity because it chases fads. In fairness, the fad chasing started with Reach, which was the game that ushered in Halo’s downfall. Halo 5 was a decent game but shouldn’t have been labeled “Halo.”

    2. Forget about the story though, still sucks and your never changing my mind that lock isn’t cannon. The multiplayer was actually good though, and Infinites armor abilities were perfectly made, multiplayer was good in both unlike 4

    3. I completely disagree. The new Halo games are trying to be like COD. 343 is trying to chase a dream of making Halo into the next big esports game, they are trying to compete in a defined and oversaturated market. Halo is meant to be a casual shooter, not a fast paced who shot first game. I will be the first to admit that I had a lot of fun playing Halo 5, but really only while playing customs. The overall multiplayer of all the 343 games just hasn’t felt right, and I believe for Halo to do well again, 343 needs to revert to what it was before they took over. Ever notice how 343’s most well received game was a game that was comprised of all the remastered Bungie games and Halo 4. All I’m saying is, I don’t have fun playing Infinite, or any of the 343 multiplayers, but when I go and play Halo 3 and Reach, I am having fun in all aspects: multiplayer, customs, and campaign.

  2. Definitely will say needs to have like Halo CE gameplay dut Halo infinite graphics plus the story needs to kind of run together but Halo series has kind of been all over the place

  3. It needs to incorporate the amazing aspects of the older games (guns, map layouts, game modes, etc.) and also for the love of all that is good please widen up and add a battle royale.

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