Minecraft 1.21 Update – Everything You Need to Know

Mojang has officially revealed the Minecraft 1.21 Update – Here’s everything you need to know.

Minecraft 1.21 Trial Chambers

The Minecraft 1.21 Update introduces trial chambers – A new brand-new structure where players can find an abundence of copper and tuff blocks. The new trial chambers promise to be more difficult than the classic Minecraft dungeons, as these new chambers introduce a new hostile mob called The Breeze, in addition to Trail Spawners.

The Breeze

The Breeze is a new mob in the Minecraft 1.21 update that is somewhat similar to the Blze found in the Nether. However, the Breeze mobs will use wind attacks instead of fire. The attack comes in the form of a wind projectile that produces a small explosion with a knockback effect on impact.

Trial Spawners

Trail Spawners are the latest new spawners that will be introduced into Minecraft 1.21. The new spawners are different though and will continuously spawn mobs at regular intervals and will spawn until a set number of spawns is reached. What makes the Trial Spawners a little more difficult is that they will spawn a different number of mobs depending on how many players are nearby, so more players mean more mobs.

In addition, Trial Spawners will also dispense loot once all the mobs that were spawned are defeated, which will create some interesting mob/loot farms.

Copper Bulbs

Found within the Trial Chambers are the Copper Bulbs are the latest block to be found and craftable in Minecraft. Like other copper blocks, they do oxidize over time, and the more oxidized these bulbs are, the dimmer they become. Players can wax them like other copper blocks, letting them stay at the brightness you prefer.

The Crafter

The Crafter is a new item coming to Minecraft that the modding community might be familiar with. Although Mojang didn’t go into the specifics on exactly how the Crafter will work, this new Redstone device will allow you to automatically craft items. The Crafter is likely to be a useful Redstone block for automation.

The Armadillo

Following yet another year of controversy, the Armadillo has won the 2023 Mob Vote, which means that crab and penguin will likely never be seen again.

The Mob Vote has caused a lot of frustration within the Minecraft community and has even resulted in the community creating a petition to get the Mob Vote changed. The petition now has nearly 500,000 signatures.

Minecraft 1.12 Update Release Date

Unfortunately, Mojang has only given us a vague Summer 2024 release date, but from past updates, we know that Minecraft Update 1.21 is likely to be released in June 2024.

What do you think of the update? Let us know in the comments below.

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