Omni-Man’s Mortal Kombat 1 Trailer is Here

mortal kombat 1 omni-man

In a powerful one-minute-or-so-trailer, players got their first look at Omni-Man in Mortal Kombat 1 – including his incredibly brutal fatalities influenced by his violent tendencies in the Invincible series of comic books – and more recently, the animated show.

It was also confirmed that ‘Kombat Pack 1’ will be released at some point in November 2023, bringing the likes of Quan Chi, Ermac, Homelander, Peacemaker, Takeda, and of course, Omni-Man, to Mortal Kombat 1.

An Impressive Roster

There are plenty of hard-hitting characters lined up for the Mortal Kombat 1 roster, and some of them are going to enable fans to play out some of their most violent fantasy fights. There are special expectations for fights between Omni-Man and Homelander – or John Cena’s Peacemaker character.

It was reiterated in the trailer that those who pick up (or have picked up) the game’s Premium Edition or who purchase the Kombat Pack will get early access to Omni-Man in November 2023. Here’s the trailer:

In the trailer above, we also see a snapshot – in Kameo form – of ‘Tremor’.

Who will you play as first when Kombat Pack 1 is released?

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  1. So Ed Boon lied. I feel he’s lying consistently like why IJ3 was cancelled, why MK1 took so long, his trolling about a Marvel game, Marvel vs DC, Def Jam, like this is annoying. If you’re WB you need to talk to him about these unnecessary antics and fire him if he continues he’s a PR nightmare. He’s 60 years old still trolling and lying in a high position it’s extremely unprofessional. He also won’t answer why NRS won’t use Unreal 5 they’re far behind everyone else.

  2. Game looks last gen. Ed Boon lied I bet this isn’t the only thing he’s lying about like why Injustice 3 was cancelled. I hope someone former NRS exposes the problems behind the scenes. I feel this helps confirm Ed lying about Injustice coming back I think Injustice is dead. DC needs to find a new partner to make games.

  3. Ed Boon is a liar! This could lead to legal ramifications not just this but also the Switch port where they used PC footage instead claiming it was Switch footage. I think he’s lying about why Injustice was cancelled and the engine troubles. The lies given make no sense MK would remain a WB IP if NRS was sold confirmed by The Information ago reported WB Games was being sold off so why make MK over Injustice? It’s his personal bias and ego not to mention he did the 3D era characters dirty since he didn’t work on those games. Ed also said they skipped Injustice because they didn’t want there to be a 7 year gap between MK games which is bull because now Injustice will have an over 7 year gap which is worse and that’s if they make a new game! If Injustice was to be made 2028 is the earliest it could come out since NRS isn’t working on their next game yet so with 2 years of DLC then dev time of the next game that means the next MK game would probably come out over 7 years after MK 1 so his lie makes no sense! It’s obvious he hates DC he and the rest of WB Game studios I don’t know why they won’t let other better companies make DC games. DC really needs something to win public opinion and Gunn’s movies won’t be it, Kevin Conroy being dead is another problem, the string of box office bombs DC has looks horrible now, and the whole evil Superman thing really hurt the character since Snyder Superman was a horrible portrayal too and not too different. Imagine dumbass Ed making Injustice 3 still in Unreal 4 when everyone moves on to Unreal 6 by then, with all that it’s beyond dumb and would tank I don’t think he’s that dumb so in a few years he’ll finally admit Injustice is dead instead of lying which I think is worse, the door is closed. Suicide Squad is about to make DC look even worse it’s like they’re purposely trying to tank the brand.

  4. WB Games has to be asleep at the wheel. First they make Gotham Knights, then let Ed cancel Injustice 3, then Suicide Squad, Back 4 Blood let’s not forget that, reveal the WW game too early, and they let Ed continue to outright lie about reveals on social media. Normal companies would reprimand employees for that. If Zaslav sells them to EA I wouldn’t be surprised. Did this game sell better than 11? WB I know is I trouble over the Switch port which could lead to a lawsuit and the wasted money on actors and guests.

  5. Why did Ed lie about the reveal it makes no sense. If he hyped it up it would have made no difference they already revealed KP1 and said Omni Man was first coming a few weeks after the game. Sure there’s a delay by a month but he didn’t need to lie about this. If this is because he wants to be a troll at his boomer age he needs mental help. If you’re WB you have to wonder why he would do that, the head of one of your studios for a game you invested a ton into it feels like he wants to tank your product he made you waste millions on.

  6. He plays like Superman from Injustice. I thought Ed said they would be different but then again he lied about this reveal so he’s lying again as usual. At some point people would give up on it.

  7. How is it ok to lie about this? Ed Boon is hurting the game and I assume could be sued over things like this. The Switch port lying campaign and now this! Why lie about a trailer for something already officially announced that brings more hype. I assume they’re more likely to be sued now for outright lying.

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