MrBeast Hit 200M Subscribers on His Core YouTube Channel

mrbeast views

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson just revealed that his main YouTube channel has reached an epic milestone, surpassing 200 million subscribers – and pushing beyond it with ease. This news was revealed by the man himself around an hour ago, and at the time of writing, he has already jumped a quarter of a million subscribers past that point, picking up more followers in 60 minutes than most creators will earn in their entire lives.

‘I Still Have Decades Left’

MrBeast has become arguably the most recognisable and enigmatic content creator in the history of the business over the last decade or so. His following is staggering in size and, at the time of writing, he runs the second-most popular channel on YouTube – and that’s just one side of him.

His videos, which are often bizarre and innovative challenges or grand philanthropic ventures, soar in views every time they’re published, with some of them hitting 100 million views in the space of a single day. From snack companies to burger bars and from charities to a content network, MrBeast has gone from being a teenager with dreams of making entertaining YouTube videos to an omnipresent mogul at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital revolution.

As I write this, MrBeast is just approaching 35 billion total views on YouTube.

With ‘decades left in the tank’, it’ll be interesting to see where Mr. Donaldson goes next. Earlier this year, he referenced being mentally defeated by making content all the time, so he’ll need to make sure he’s able to weather the grind for all that time.

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