Minecraft Has Sold 300 Million Copies in 15 Years


It’s no big secret that Minecraft is the best-selling game ever, but the success of the title was put into fresh perspective recently with an updated metric. It was revealed at Minecraft Live 2023 that the game has sold 300 million copies since bursting onto the scene some fifteen years ago, and it still has plenty left in the tank.

As one of the most accessible and innovative games ever made, Minecraft is truly a title for all comers, and it’s available on every platform that can run any kind of game – and it’s fully cross-platform to boot. It’s perfect for young gamers, it’s a ‘chill out game’ for old-schoolers, and through mods and the creative community, it really can become whatever you’d like it to be.

What a Milestone

Next year, Minecraft will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary – and Mojang has announced that it’ll pay tribute to the game through an entire year of activities and events. In a statement, the Head of Franchise Development at Mojang, Kayleen Walters, said:

As we mark our 15th year, we at Minecraft want to express our gratitude to our passionate Minecraft community. It is our community’s creativity and dedication that has helped shape this world into something extraordinary. s we kick off this milestone year, we eagerly look forward to honoring and celebrating your contributions, stories and adventures. Thank you for 15 amazing years of crafting, building and exploring together. Stay tuned for more updates and surprises in 2024!

Minecraft, at this point, seems eternal. It’s always at the top of the sales charts, it retains popularity on streaming and content platforms, and it has effortlessly empowered average gamers to become multi-million-dollar streamers and content creators. It boasts one of the most diverse and widespread communities in gaming, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

It’s a household name.

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