Just Stop Oil Disrupt Tekken 7 Tournament at EGX 2023

In recent months it seems like you can’t go a day without seeing the latest antics by the British activist group Just Stop Oil. After interrupting events such as football, rugby, and tennis, Just Stop Oil now has its sights set on gaming as the group pulled its latest stunt at the EGX 2023 convention.

During EGX 2023, which took place between October 12 and 15 and is the UK’s largest gaming convention, a Tekken 7 tournament took place with a £5,000 prize pool. The event finals took place on October 15. During the Winner’s Final match between KaneAndTrench and Joka, prolific British activists Just Stop Oil stormed the stage and covered the equipment in trademark orange paint.

The incident wasn’t captured on the EGX Arena live stream of the tournament, but the match suddenly stopped and cut to the casters who had confused looks on their face before the stream cut to a 45-minute break while the arena was cleaned and prepared to resume the tournament.

However, Just Stop Oil was quick to post a video of the incident on its official X page.

Following the disruption at EGX 2023, Just Stop Oil released a statement saying,

“Video games let us escape into new and exciting dimensions, but real world physics are about to deliver the deaths of billions. Put more carbon into the atmosphere at this point and it’s game over. Gamers co-operate to win, and we need these skills to survive. Everyone must step up and join in civil resistance against new oil and gas, because this isn’t a game. Let’s unite to make this world safe, so that we can get back to exploring cyber worlds

Fiveub, the UK Business Development Manager for Noble Chairs responded to the incident on X, highlighting the financial implications this will have on the event hire companies saying,

“What’s sad about this, is that it doesn’t affect EGX, the games companies, or the esports players; as much as it affects the event hire company who rent out the equipment who are already struggling since years of no events.”

In recent months, Just Stop Oil has been gaining a lot of public attention through its various acts of disrupting the lives of British citizens and gatecrashing events. Recently, some Just Stop Oil protestors were arrested for spray painting numerous universities, including the walls of King’s College, Cambridge, disrupting sporting events, and gluing themselves onto roads to stop traffic.

EGX 2023 will mark one of the final Tekken 7 tournaments to take place as Tekken 8 is right around the corner and is set to be one of the hottest sequels of 2024 when it launches on January 26.

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