Cliff Bleszinski Asks Nexon to Bring Back Lawbreakers

LawBreakers 2.0

It’s been a couple of weeks of speculation and rumblings, but Cliff Bleszinski, the creator of Lawbreakers, has finally made a public appeal to Nexon on the possibility of bringing back Lawbreakers.

Bleszinski first teased some news about lawbreakers last week, stating “Just got a text from my lawyer about…LawBreakers.” Speculation instantly started to swirl around the internet, but now it seems like Bleszinski is up for giving the arena shooter another go.

Taking to Twitter, Bleszinski said, “Well, turns out Nexon does own the rights to LawBreakers. @owenmahoney [Nexon CEO] how about sliding into my DMs so we can talk about a resurrection?”

It’s not entirely clear whether or not Mahoney will reply to Bleszinski, but so far there’s been no public acknowledgment of his tweet.

Lawbreakers was criticized for going from a free-to-play model to paid, and only releasing on the PC and PlayStation 4. It was argued that at the time Xbox had a significantly more established playerbase for FPS, but for unknown reasons the game did not release on the platform. Despite its positive reviews, the game failed to capture a sustain a player base, and in April 2023, Boss Key released a statement that the game failed to find enough of an audience to generate the funds necessary to keep the game live.

On June 11, the game was made free-to-play on Steam with a notice that the servers would be shut down on September 14.

Would you like to see Lawbreakers make a return?

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