Is Unrecord Gameplay Footage Fake?

Is Unrecord Gameplay Footage Fake?

Is the gameplay footage from the Unrecord trailer fake? That’s what many have been wondering ever since the first gameplay trailer dropped and immediately took the internet by storm.

In a response to the claims that it was fake developer Alexandre Spindler took to Twitter to share a video from within the Unreal Engine, showing gameplay.

In addition to the new gameplay from Twitter, the team at DRAMA posted a response via a Q&A on its Steam store page.

“There have been many doubts raised about the authenticity of the gameplay,” the studio says. “The game is developed on Unreal Engine 5, and the game footage is captured from an executable and played using a keyboard and mouse.

“It is not a VR game. In reality, it seems rather flattering to compare the graphics of Unrecord to reality, but fortunately, we know that a game first focuses on gameplay and universe on which we primarily concentrate. Considering the high production costs of a video game and our global reputation at stake, if Unrecord were a scam, it would be a blockbuster scam. Therefore, it is logically not one. We do not use any real videos or external rendering to Unreal Engine for the creation of Unrecord. Unrecord is (un)real.”

The team also addressed a launch window for the game, stating that because they are a self-funded studio there currently is no release date or even an estimated release year just yet.

What do you think of the gameplay footage we’ve seen from Unrecord so far?

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