The Latest On EA Skate Development

The Latest On EA Skate Development

EA Skate has been in development for a few years now, and fans continue to wonder what’s going on with the game. In a new episode of “The Board Room”, developers from Full Circle, the studio working on the game, talk about where things currently stand.

Also talked about are Skate’s in-game activities, rewards, experiences, and progression systems. You can either watch the episode for yourself below, or check out the highlights from it below the video directly from EA.

The Board Room Highlights For EA Skate

  • The studio is still early in designs for progression and rewards, and more will be shared soon.
  • There are three core pillars for Activities in skate.:
    • It’s not a stagnant experience, they’re constantly changing and evolving
    • They’re grounded in our reality, meaning they’re not bound to the rules of the reality you’re currently sitting in. Bend and break the rules a little bit to create some unforgettable moments
    • Activities ultimately celebrate and support players and the community
  • Regardless of playstyle and skill level, all players will be able to enjoy Activities
  • The studio is currently exploring and testing a few different types of Activities:
    • Challenges – short solo experiences that rotate in and out periodically. Unlike previous games, these Challenges will change so that replaying challenges will force you to think of new ways to tackle them.
    • Pop-ups – Dynamic events around the city that are meant to be cooperative experiences.\
    • Community Events – Come one, come all type events for the whole community to participate in together.
    • Throwdowns – Customizable and user-initiated. Throwdowns allow players to gather together, build friendships (or maybe rivalries), practice or show off.
  • In order to make the game accessible for all skill levels while still providing a challenge to seasoned players, plans call for three difficulty tiers for activities: Own It, Crush It and Shut it Down. The harder the difficulty the better the rewards!
  • Beyond baseline difficulties, Skate will have Modifiers. These are additional restrictions that will make you rethink how to tackle a challenge.
  • There will be offboard gameplay called “flumping” which is a combination of flicking and jumping.

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Skate is currently in development and will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. The game will also feature cross-platform gameplay when it’s released.

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