EA Skate Artwork Has Been Leaked

EA Skate Artwork Has Been Leaked

If you’ve been waiting for anything about the upcoming EA Skate, this might be something to whet your appetite as dozens of images of the game’s artwork have been leaked.

Hosted via Imgur, the gallery of artwork gives a look at some of the board designs and clothing options that seem to be in the upcoming franchise reboot.

For clothing, you get a variety of options such as hoodies, capris, masks, shorts, and more. A number of the items you see are brand apparel that are “pending brand approval” at the time of the images being shared.

For boards, there are plenty of designs to see. It’s unclear at this point with the game so far away whether they would be unlockable in the game or purchaseable via microtransactions.

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You can check out the full gallery of artwork for yourself below. It should be noted that these are artwork drawings, and not what the characters will look like in-game.

EA Skate is currently in development with no announced release date. When it is released, however, the game will be a free-to-play title that the company plans to treat as a modern live-service game with various events, seasons, and more.

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