A Third Of Ready At Dawn Studios Hit With Layoffs

Ready At Dawn Layoffs

Another day, another set of mass layoffs in the gaming industry. A new report claims that Ready at Dawn has been hit hard by recent layoffs at parent company Meta.

According to programmer Thomas Griebal, Meta laid off a third of the studio, including studio head Mark Almeida.

“1/3 of the studio was laid off today including the studio head,” he said.

Another, now former, employee Colin McInerney confirmed studio layoffs while giving his thoughts on the studio.

“My choice words are that I cannot disparage M*ta so let me just say that Ready at Dawn was a wonderful studio full of incredible people,” he said via Twitter. “I genuinely learned a ton, including from one co-worker in particular, who I will be eternally grateful toward.”

It was also said by Griebal that staff had started to leave Ready At Dawn prior to official layoffs due to various reasons.

“Also lost some really great people just due to attrition,” he said. “Think we’re down almost half since when I started in August.”

Ready At Dawn Studios was formed back in 2003 but had been acquired in June 2020 by Meta to develop VR games for its Oculus platform. The last game released by the studio was Lone Echo II, which launched in October 2021.

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