Microsoft Not Happy With Xbox, It’s Claimed

Microsoft Not Happy With Xbox

The state of the Xbox console has been a major talking point for gamers for quite some time right now with many disappointed by what’s been offered since the Xbox Series X|S launched in 2020. And now it appears that even internally at Microsoft there are signs that the company is not happy with the state of the Xbox.

In the latest episode of his Game Mess podcast, veteran journalist Jeff Grubb said that Microsoft isn’t pleased with how things look for the Xbox right now.

“I can tell you, they are not; they’re upset,” Grubb said. “We’re just trying to diagnose it a little bit, right? You know, they didn’t release a first-party game last year, and if that doesn’t affect you if you always have something to play again, that’s awesome, but a lot of people do regret getting their Xbox.”

This news comes on the heels of the revelation that Xbox Series X|S sales have fallen year-over-year while the PlayStation 5 continues to carry the console sales market.

Xbox does have first-party games like Redfall and Starfield on the way this year that could turn things around. There’s also Forza Motorsport launching later this year that will add another first-party game to the Xbox lineup. Other games like Fable and Perfect Dark remain in early development and aren’t likely to be seen anytime soon.

What do you think of the current state of Xbox and the reports that Microsoft isn’t happy?

  1. This isn’t a report, and not bc Grubb is practically a rumour monger. It’s bc it isn’t clear – y’all are talking about MS/Xbox STAFFERS not being happy (which would be the “insider” part that would make someone like Grubb actually useful), but end up speaking presumptuously on behalf of Xbox USERS in the same paragraph.

  2. Start focusing on the Xbox and the first party studio’s you already own. The Activision/blizzard acquisition is taking resources and time. The Xbox system itself is being neglected. Start focusing on the Xbox and your consumers.

    1. All I know is I have still never seen a single Series X console in any store. I would like to get one, but until such a time that I can walk into a store and find one, I won’t have one. Although since it appears there won’t be an Elder Scrolls game for years yet, I probably don’t need one.

    2. I haven’t been able to find a series x and im not interested in series s. Im at the point that i may go buy a ps5 if that doesn’t change soon since there are now games coming out that can only be played on the newest consoles.

    3. If you just focus on 1st party games you wouldn’t have developers like Rockstar or Ubisoft. And your games would never drop below 40$ like the Nintendo switch.

    4. Lmao nah xbox still better stuff than Playstation I have both and play xbox more than Playstation and I’m going to be getting rid of my series s to get my series x

  3. Yeah this is BS i have series x and a PS5 and my PS5 just collects dust. The xbox offers much more in regards value for money then the PS5 does. Ok sales of PS5 have been better but thats mainly because people have already bought into the PS eco system and that where their game librarys are at. So obviously they are not going to change because of that but i think more of them will get xbox once the likes of starfield and forza come out just so they can try both. Xbox isnt a failure in anyway it makes billions of profit every year so why would MS not like that. Maybe if xbox was making a loss that would be a issue but its not. Also with the them buying activision blizzard its definetly going to put a dent into PS’s monopoly of the console market. They currently running a 70% share of the space thats why they are able to rip off their own customer base charging silly amounts for games. If a friend asked me to suggest one of the two as being the best value for money its a easy recommendation for me to tell them to go with xbox as gamepass over pS premium is much more gamer friendly.

    1. Gave my Xbox to my son. It collected alot of dust. Ps5 just has everything in one. Gt7 with my psvr2. I wouldn’t drive any other way. I hope things come around for you.

    2. Nah…the Xbox doesn’t give me a reason to play it. I turned mine one for the first time in 3 months to see what new games were on pass. It’s the biggest waste of money.
      My PS5 is played significantly more than the Xbox X.

    3. What exactly does the Xbox have over the PlayStation? Playstation has far more exclusives, the AMAZING Dualsense controller, the 3d Audio, PSVR, more awesome exclusives on the way, a new handheld coming out, and despite Xbox being the stronger console, games have been running better on the PS5. So, tell me, what does the Xbox have over the PlayStation? Another Forza? An exclusive that can only run in 30 FPS? An EXTREMELY disappointing Halo game? Less than half the number of consoles sold as the PS5? At this point, why would anyone choose an Xbox over a PS5? Also, this isn’t the first article taking about the Series X failures. I’ve been seeing them for the past 3 or 4 weeks. Are you gonna tell me that they’re ALL BS? Also, don’t pretend like you have both an Xbox and a PS5. You’re clearly just an Xbox fanboy who’s trying to appear unbiased.

    4. It’s not just Xbox, it’s the gaming industry in general. I have a PS5 and I seldom use it. No console of mine has ever been used so little and I regret purchasing it. Even my Sega CD was used more and I think I only ever had 3 games total for it. Night Trap was pretty cool for the time but I digress.

      It seems like all I do with my PS5 is browse the new releases only to come up empty handed as they’re mostly older games re-released with minor changes. I already had a PS4 and used it extensively, I’m not interested in reliving the past on better hardware that I don’t even need to play those games in the first place.

      If it weren’t for backwards compatibility and the practice of re-releasing old games, the Playstation store would be a ghost town these days.

    5. You mean your Xbox is collecting dust¿? Again wake up, Xbox has the most crappiest first party games that nobody likes! Which can never compete against Nintendo and PlayStation, that’s why PlayStation and Nintendo is always been the most popular! Has there ever been a Xbox console selling over one million consoles in sales, no there hasn’t! Again goes to show how popular the ?box franchise really is isn’t it, LMFAO!? Even if Microsoft gets Activision Blizzard, which they won’t, it won’t change anything in sales between PlayStation and Nintendo! Again nobody cares about CoD, it’s a stupid over rated game! PlayStation and Nintendo will always be on top, because they both have great first party games that everyone enjoys. If your wondering who is last place in the console wars, it’s that fridge/speaker ?box that you support!? That’s why Xbox is failing!

    6. i recently bought the xbox series s when it was on sale around christmas and loved it. i thought i would never switch back to ps until i started missing all of my games and would hate to rebuy them all so i ended up buying a ps5 and gave my xbox to my little sibling and boy did i make a huge mistake. nothing about the ps5 is standing out to me as far as gameplay and “upgraded” graphics. i felt like my xbox ran games faster and even downloaded quite quicker too. the new series xbox’s are nothing to joke around with idk why everyone’s sleeping on them! sony fell off with the new ps5 if you ask me.

    7. It took almost two years after launch before I could buy a series x retail at msrp. Microsoft unwillingness to fight the scalpers left a bitter taste for many customers.

    1. Seriously? 1st party games means games made by Companies that are owned or part of thier own brand.

  4. Sounds like a PS fanboy rumor to me. As if Xbox/Microsoft employees would still have a job after bashing their own product to the media. THAT would certainly impact sales. It doesn’t make sense. Story’s a load of Baloney.

  5. I love my Series X and don’t regret it at all. Having patience will pay off, first part games are coming.

    1. I agree. Since getting my series x ive only played halo infinite and atomic heart. But there have been several titles released on the Ps5 that i would gladly have purchased not available on xbox.

      This article sums up how I feel. Wish I had purchased a Ps5 now instead. I dont want a bunch of games “optimized” for the xbox, i want xbox triple a titles that interest me, and theyvare few and far between

    2. It’s clunky. If you like games like Rockband and have a massive dlc collection (lots of small files), the OS gets slower. Xbox 360 didn’t. I am figuring its DRM related.

      Pairing to your phone for remote play? Clunky as well. Give advanced options to get rid of auto detection for those of us that are tech savvy.

      Xbox series x has too little storage given title sizes. Proprietary hardware to upgrade is worse. Give us m2.nvme port so we can install more than 5-10 titles.

      I don’t own a PS5, no plans on it, but unless MS fixes os, I may just go to PC gaming.

  6. I just my first Xbox (series X) in the same weekend I bought my PS5. They both play fine. The Xbox is more convenient to stand up, no attachments necessary. But it’s slightly annoying to have to turn on the controller and synch without a cord (that wasn’t included). But I am very happy with it. I suspect the problem is with quality exclusives. I admit, I bought for Hellblade 2 but I now own a few games for it. LOVE the backwards compatibility. I think Microsoft should stick with it.

    1. Problem is they still don’t have series x stocked and available on shelves nobody wants the s it’s there own damn fault for making a cheap shit version and not having enough X’s available when people had money before inflation took over

  7. I think the time is coming and im simply supporting them to get there. I loved my Xbox and 360 it changed everything and we have them to thank (not Sony) with a shout out to Sega with its Dreamcast as well. Now they are to invested to fold but MS has had to aquire studios to catch up and expecting things to just happen now is insane. Every one of those devs had games already in development some of which were Playstation exclusives lol. Look it’s coming and right now its simply a waiting game but I know Xbox will start pumping out exclusives there is no doubt in that. If these “gamers” didn’t prolong the ActiBlizzard crap even more we’d be better off to. The longer these acquisitions take the longer the focus is off other things. They have went through 343 which is unfortunate people lost thier jobs but they needed to. That shows the Xbox team is aware of the issue’s and are handling it.

    1. I agree .. My Xbox X/S is better and does more than the PS5 .. it’s a home entertainment system : I play games, listen to music, watch movies, and live tv on my Xbox X/S .. I can’t do all of that on the PS5 … Everyone’s still trying to figure out how I can watch live tv on mine .. lol .. I have people asking me to set up they’re Xbox X/S like mine .. lol ??
      I’m flexin’ ???????

  8. Sounds like Microsoft needs to acquire some more game studios so they can release more exclusive titles, otherwise they’ll continue failing to be competitive against Sony.

    1. Seriously? 1st party games means games made by Companies that are owned or part of thier own brand.

      1. Disregard. Reply was supposed to be for that E guy and I dont know how to delete on this craps site.

  9. Love game pass I use to be a ps5 fan boy but love the quantity quality and value of game pass

    1. Of course you cherish Gamepass, because those who do are simply cheapskates! I’ve seen Gamepass library games, awful awful games!

    1. so they are disappointed about the games, not the console. another shilling site removed from my suggestions.

      gj my dude

  10. I have both ps5 and xsx and I play my ps5 more. I’m currently on horizon forbidden west and I still have GOW to beat. Idk. I’m a quality over quantity kind of person I guess. Maybe when starfield comes out. I bought it for Halo but that was kinda was disappointing.

  11. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. Grew up with Xbox…tried Sony and haven’t turned back. Fact of the matter is Xbox is in shambles rn and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t understand the big picture. Xbox owned the console industry during the Xbox and 360 era. Ever since the PS4 release Sony has bodied Xbox in console sales and exclusives released. Xbox has a great service with gamepass yes ..but you know with Sony you’ll get 2-3 GOTY Contenders per year on average. They have their own game pass but it’s a work in progress just like the dreadful early days of gamepass for Xbox. I can’t even remember the last time something Xbox made that legit had a chance for GOTY. Look at the health of their games for a sec….Forza is doing okay, but the last two horizons the fans didn’t like as much as fh3. Halo is nearly in the grave, and the only thing keeping that franchise alive is fans that don’t do anything else but play halo. Gears has decent story but once it’s been out for a couple months nobody talks about it. Sea of thieves literally needed Summit1G to bring the game back to life single handedly. State of Decay 2 has really been the only bright spot but 2 is buggy and outdated with no news on the 3rd. You can throw gears in there I guess but that is a candle about to go out unless they change their mind about the next one being the last. Xbox is all about quantity not quality and it’s killed their market. Sony is so ahead in the exclusives battle that at this point they’ll keep winning the console war because that’s what brings people to your console in the first place. Xbox isn’t Xbox of old. Hasn’t been since 2013 imo. Here’s another point I want to make…what games do you hear PC players complain about the most? “Wish I could play the God of Wars, Spiderman games, Horizon zero dawn/forbidden West, death stranding, or Ghost of Tsushima etc.” They don’t say that because they can’t just play them…They say that because they are quality games that have great story’s and beautiful worlds to explore. In 9 years Sony has only flopped twice..The last killzone game that released with the PS4 back in 2014…and forspoken this year. That’s a pretty darn good track record meanwhile Xbox has just sat on the couch and watched the show. I’m irritated because I grew up with the original…360 and a Xbox one. What the heck went wrong from 360 to the Xbox one Microsoft? Someone needs fired obviously.

  12. I bought the sx first. Then ps5. I love both sysyems. But I still love the Xbox.

    Luckily I was able to get the pre order for both. Playing those capcha games.

    Forza h5 is carrying me through with horizon west on ps5 and the make your own harry potter game on pc. Going to try out MC legends
    Like right now .

    I recently checked off playing Ray tracing on minecraff via a really nice Nvidia card finally. I really thought I’d do that on the SX. Via some fsr and all the power of the rdna stuff.

    I hope they wait and release a system with better killer app type of features. I was really hoping to see some generation leap like eye candy.

    Im not too happy about this generation of consoles and they’re bad joystick drift

    Microsoft is going to be okay. They’re like the Casino of gaming. They can go round after round with Sony. But the house always wins

  13. Yeah yo I also call BS on this since nobody cares about the sells. The XBOX’s game pass is way more gamer friendly lol!

  14. The only way Microsoft can even hope to catch up with Sony is spending tens of billions of dollars acquiring other game studios. Then screwing Sony console owners out of playing some of their favorite games that they grew up playing on Sony. Microsoft is like Disney, they just keep gobbling up more creative businesses in order to grow. I hope the FTC blocks the Activision deal.

  15. All I know is I have still never seen a single Series X console in any store. I would like to get one, but until such a time that I can walk into a store and find one, I won’t have one. Although since it appears there won’t be an Elder Scrolls game for years yet, I probably don’t need one.

  16. Start developing games that are an eye opener for gamers to spend time on, I’m a Xbox series X owner and I have no problem with the console only the selection of games that are in game pass ultimate, because if it is ultimate then focus on ultimate success on delivering the best games for game pass.

  17. I don’t really have a fanboy allegiance to either console. I own both and think PS5 has by far the better exclusives, but I still play the Xbox SX a lot more regularly than the Ps5. I don’t think the exclusives coming to Xbox this year will change anything as I think Starfield will be a flop, and Redfall will be underwhelming. Forza potentially would be awesome, but it’s not offering anything new. I still think the ecosystem is better and the controller is still my pick, even though the PS5 has the haptic triggers which are quite cool.

  18. I have all 3. PS5 gets the most attention. All the Xbox is used for is COD. That’s LITERALLY all I play on it. There’s absolutely nothing on gamepass that piques my interest. Most of the games are shovel ware. PS5 is absolutely killing it with exclusives. Xbox hasn’t had jack s**t in almost 2 years. Microsoft needs to right the shop, and fast.

  19. What they need to do is work on the Xbox x and also improved the Xbox One the Xbox x is great I have it I had an Xbox one I sold my Xbox One to get the Xbox and it works perfectly but the PlayStation 5 does not my friend has a PlayStation 5 he brings it to my place it overheats in about 20 minutes my Xbox x I’m on it all day and half the night and it never gets hot and it’s usually about 80 90° in my place and yet it stays cool so what they need to do is keep on game pass stop improve the Xbox x to it is less glitches that some people see keep the games up it would help if they probably lower the prices a little bit not much just a little and keep the new games coming once they do that they’re market their market will go through the roof all they need to to do is keep on their current chance don’t worry about the PlayStation 5 cuz they’re going to have to have a recall most likely cuz they’re overheating problem
    Don’t worry about PlayStation 5 for sales cuz once the 8K TVs come out the PlayStation 5 sales will go through the roof as soon as the PlayStation 5 people realize they don’t have eight k system Xbox x is the PlayStation 5 is not and the PlayStation Network promised HK so did the Xbox network the Xbox succeeded

  20. I want Microsoft to allow emulation on their machines again. I was having a great time with that.

  21. There isn’t a game worth playing on Xbox. Look what these idiots did to Halo! Console gaming in general has been taking a beating for years and now they’re upset? Good. Get big mad.

  22. Utter rubbish. They wouldn’t be spending what they are on acquisitions if they were ‘unhappy’.

  23. Well, I have both consoles and I am very happy with the Xbox just as much as the ps5.

  24. Reason of xbox failed is simply they buy all those great studios then they put it in the dust… Many great studios before microsoft acquired thrived and fall after microsoft… Also, microsoft need to stop “we made xbox to make sure the japanese wont dominate the market” mindset…

  25. Simply put Xbox is competition with PC. Everygame available on xbox is available on PC. If you own a PC you likely went ps5 for your console so you could get all games. Make a few exclusive xbox games and see changes.

  26. I have to agree. I don’t need first party titles, but the Xbox isn’t a computer. I’ve always enjoyed new updates and changes in the system itself. When the Xbox one came out, every few months there were new and actually exciting updates. When the series x/s released it was actually a downgrade and still the same crappy boring UI. I’ve been an Xbox person since I first played the original. Currently I have a ps5 and a Series X. My Series X is packed away, but I play my ps5 quite often. It’s sad to see where things are at in the gaming world period, but the it’s even worse to see the current state of Xbox and it’s lack of anything new or exciting.

  27. I have a series s and I’ve been with xbox since the original, but since the xbox one it feels like they believe in quantity over quality. Why have the best hardware if your not willing to put it to the test. I’m also a pc owner and I always put my computer to the test. I honestly think the original Xbox was the best console I ever owned.

  28. Honestly, about everything worth playing exclusive wise, I can just play over on PC at top quality. I’m won’t say I don’t like the X/S but at the same time, I’m not really impressed either thus far. Also, not impressed with what I’m hearing in regards to games like Starfield and Red Guard only running at 30 FPS. No game given the hardware specs of the X/S or PS5 should be running at 30 FPS in 2023 or this console generation. I’m certainly not interested in playing Starfield or Redguard at 30 FPS just because they want to push 4K resolution as a standard for these games on the X/S.

  29. My problem has been no being able to actually get one, there are never any available. Why wouldnt the PS be more popular.when you can actually buy one of them.

  30. Why can’t we play Def jam fight for new York. I bought an Xbox s just I could play fight night champion. All the developers, producers, game makers and employees in all fields need to stop being lazy and just pay attention to what the gamers want. WAKE UP!!! DEF JAM FIGHT FOR NEW YORK AND ALL OTHER OLD GAMES FOR THE ORIGINAL XBOX AND XBOX 360 SHOULD BE ACCESSABLE ON GAME PASS!!! ITS WTF WE PAY $$$ FOR!!! I HAVE OVER 1200 GOOGLE REVIEWS

  31. Well if Microsquash had enough Xbox Series X to sell in stores or online AT RETAIL PRICE, instead of scalpers buying them all up and selling for $1K and higher,maybe I would have bought a new X instead of my PS5! Especially when everyone has limited funds these days!

  32. I love my Xbox!!! Game Pass rules…and Call of Duty …and Activision coming. So, I call BS on this article.

  33. You sound stupid lol, was the day slow? I have both and play my Xbox way more, and everyone I know that’s a ps stan play either 14 year old games on it that are remastered or call of duty literally seeing all the first part ps games going to steam but they make them run like trash go to sleep man

  34. I’m interested to actually find out, who at Microsoft is unhappy with Xbox? I haven’t seen any interview, I haven’t read any print. I have not seen or heard a single piece of evidence showing that Microsoft is unhappy with the Xbox. So why start the negative publicity. Burger King/McDonald’s….Xbox/Ps5. Both amazing systems, both will always be around. This article is creating and following xbox panic drama. Give me something tangible.

  35. Gaming in general isn’t doing great. Seems that studios don’t value the people who make great games and refuse to put resources into helping them be more effective. We’ve seen most of the great devs get squeezed out and put on projects that are gaming related but not making amazing games.

    People don’t want to go into game development either because the studio management all has such nasty reputation and poor pay. Institutional change is needed.


  37. My Xbox Series X gets the lipn’s share of gameplay.
    The ps5 collects dust next to my switch.
    I like where microsoft is going. They just need better games.

  38. Well, if you’re a OG gamer, die hard gamer, then that person is going to know the history of the Xbox console. It’s tainted. Microsoft bought their way into the console market. Some of you know this. This was then and still is a huge no no. People don’t forget. It cost them a lot of money. Has the Xbox really ever been profitable taking into account the entirety that is the Microsoft Xbox? I don’t know but I would not be surprised if Microsoft has still not moved into the black. I’m not talking now or a few years ago, I’m talking since the very very begging. Microsoft knows how they entered the market and of the massive opposition. A lot of that sentiment exist today. Microsft’s Xbox will never be “cool” to own. This is passed down from generation to generation. Those stories are shared buy parents that were at one time, kids back in the day. Japanese manufacturing is cool, those games are cool. Sony is cool. Japanese culture is cool. The big thing that hurts Microsoft is … Microsoft. I can go into any lobby now, Warzone, fortnight, Apex Legends, etc and people still tease and make fun of Xbox owners. And, you don’t have to agree with me, but I’ve been a gamer since the C64 and Amiga, many many years and I know these streets well. This is exactly what is happen. Western game design and the mindset behind those games is generic. Also, Starfield? Playstation owners are not stupid. This is a title that Microsoft bought strictly to keep away from Sony. Many many diehard gamers hate Microsoft for these anti-competitive practices. If Microsoft gets their hands on Blizzard Activision, this will be a very very VERY bad thing for all gamers. Microsoft does not have the culture to even remoately understand the console market. The proof of this is that they have to throw money at this fact to buy into the culture. that’s not how you win over gamers, especially diehard gamers that are in love with video games and the culture.

  39. If they dropped a new elder scrolls or fallout at the time of launch they would’ve ran the market

  40. I love my Xbox X wouldn’t trade it for anything. I like the shape, style etc. There has been always a competition between Xbox and Playstation. I would never trade my Xbox for anything

  41. XBOX has always lacked creativity and relied too much on purchasing companies with talent. The problem is XBOX then takes a great company and just ruins it all. Rare is a joke now, Halo is just COD with master chief & I have a feeling Bethesda will be next to have all creativity drained.

  42. I bought the Series X on release day and am super happy with it. Now we even have two of them and both are used daily. We are all super happy with them and there are tons of games for all family members to play. Personally I’m heavily invested in Forza horizon 5 atm and am looking forward to the FM release. No regrets here whatsoever. My son has a PS5 and it’s far less appealing to any of us.

  43. I see my Xbox Series X as an upgrade Xbox One. I usually use it to download Ultimate Game Pass Games I’ll never start and Cities Skylines. My PS5 feels like a different console from my PS4. I love the controller and VR and have many more interesting titles to play. I use it every day, Xbox every week. For cross-platform titles, I still buy it for the PS5 mostly for the controller too. A few of buddies do the same. Xbox for exclusives only but there isn’t much driving sales.

  44. I was underwhelmed last gen and this gen is the same crap. Let’s just keep remaking old games. Lazy cash grabs. And don’t even get me started on the decision to keep making games for last gen systems which only hand cuffs the current gen. And then there’s all companies propensity to just keep shipping broken ass games that they think they can fix with patches. The whole industry is a complete mess and that’s on Microsoft and Sony to fix. Which I don’t see happening. I’m not buying either next Gen console until they figure out these issues.

  45. I haven’t had an Xbox since the 360, since I built my PC. I’ve had every PlayStation though, and whilst I like it, most of the games are not my bag and it’s in the living room. I do most of my gaming on PC because it’s just a more comfortable set-up in my Man Cave.
    I think each person should just stick with what makes them happy. You’re only here once.

  46. My xbox x just stopped working for no reason 1 day, just wouldnt turn on again. This is after the 2 year warrenty was up. I emailed microsoft and they just said to buy another one. So I do agree there has been a decline with their quality of product.

  47. I have a series X and so far so good, y’all really like unnecessary pressure. Exclusives would be lovely but game pass, good lawd it’s the best value for money I’ve ever had. Loved the hell out of it, though I own a few games I’ve bought as well, looking for to Jedi survivor and Starfield. Redfall doesn’t seem like my thing. All in all happy for now. Ps5 has had the better start because of exclusives. The Activision deal should go through to level the playing field.

  48. I have both and love both, but xbox does need more exclusives.

    Gamepass is great tho, and has so many games that it kinda makes up for it. There’s always something to play.

  49. This is why the Xbox Series X is failing. When you build a console and it cost more than half the console just for extra game storage space you’re destined for failure. Most people will run out of 1tb of storage after purchasing a few games and ate reluctant to spend $300 for more. Start thinking ? Microsoft…

  50. I think the main issue with console sales is that it is still hard to find a Series X in a lot of markets. Here it is 3 years after launch and local stores are just recently able to stock consoles. Which quickly sell once its known they are available. XBox Ultimate is an amazing deal, giving players access to backlog games from Xbox to current releases. An excellent platform, if you can get your hands on one.

  51. Well, they dug their own grave the moment they decided Xbox should be not a platform but a brand that spanned across PC, Android and cloud. Now we effectively have no reason to buy an Xbox console. It’s funny they are realizing people are not buying the console since it seemed that was the intention.

    Also there has not been any more special edition Xboxes this gen except the Halo one. People need reasons to buy a console.

  52. Seems to be alot of bias in this article, with very little evidence to support the claim. I don’t buy into these so and so said pieces.

  53. I have a x series and I can understand where this is going. The PS have more content and accessories than Xbox I am a Spider-Man/Assassin Creed gamer and Spider-Man is not on Xbox but on PC? Use to be on all platforms, not anymore. I enjoy my series x purchase.

  54. I have both. Been a big fan of both for over 20 years. Today the Xbox has WAY more bang for the buck and it’s not even close.

  55. I love the series x and Microsoft will be just fine as they restructure with their new studio acquisitions.

  56. My son was thrilled to get XBox series X Christmas 2022, but he soon went back to his Series S —he said it’s faster? How is the $199 2019 S better than the $499 2022 X? He rarely uses his PS4. He loves Xbox needs it’s own VR device.

  57. Me personally I love my Xbox Series X. And I think everyone needs to take a step back and remember we just got out of a major pandemic so I’m sure some companies are lacking employees, thus slowing down how many new games are coming out. That’s strictly speculation but overall I’m very satisfied, and the games just mentioned will be well worth the wait.

  58. I’ll be honest. There’s just no games on Xbox that I enjoy. When the original Xbox launched there was so many 1st party games. By the time Xbox one came out. I barely even played it and sold it. Now my XSX is just sitting there eating dust. I play all the games on PC with game pass. Microsoft needs to get back into the game with 1st party or exclusives. If this keeps up I might end up selling my XSX and keep my PS5 and PC.

  59. Xbox has no vision for games, they are not a game oriented company. They are more about business and profit. I never count on xbox to deliver good game. Redfall is stuck at 30 fps, and starfield is all hype. I mean if halo(500 million budget game) was an uninspired episodic game, i cant see how starfield will be a better ip based on their track record

  60. All these comments seem pretty positive… I predominantly play on PC but I do enjoy powering up the Xbox and sitting back in the lounge and exploring the Game Pass titles.

  61. Sony is investing a lot in spreading negativity. Sony is like the Russian communist and Xbox more like American freedom but also very capitalized… Hopefully everything will turn to Linux eventually with a Steam Deck and PC.

  62. The entire article is based on the wrong principles and you turn the numbers to have a point.
    1. Microsoft doesn’t care about consoles sold
    2. Microsoft doesn’t care about exclusive titles. If it’s about them, halo would be in PS5.
    3. Sony sales “went up” because it’s finally available and not for ridiculous prices anymore.

    Music, video .. game streaming is next. I just hope Sony one day understand that it should not matter how many consoles they sell or how many exclusive quests they have, as long as more people play together. With season passes, dlcs and ingame purchases they still will make money.

  63. Xbox división shot themselves in the foot by making all their games available on Gamepass, and making gamepass multiplatform. If you have a PC, a tablet, or a Samsung Smart TV, you don’t need an Xbox console, and that affects their sales. Sony and Nintendo are successful because they keep their ecosystems closed, and Sony only has released a few of their older games on PC. I know most people hate exclusivity because it makes gaming more expensive, but unfortunately for us exclusivity is what has made Sony and Nintendo the leaders in sales.

  64. Imo Activision & Blizzard deal will be really big opportunity for Microsoft Xbox, also they should do A LOT of surveys (ofc not mandatory) rewarded with sth small but nice, like game for free/achievements depending how much surveys that points count as other achievements points/game pass for 3 days/whatever would make ppl think: hmm actually I don’t mind filling out this stuff, I’ll see if Game Pass is really worth it. This way they would know exactly what we are expecting, if they will work with us, then happy customer obviously gonna buy next product/console coz we are looked after, and I mean things that disappointed us like no new UI for series, basically the same controller as Xbox one, etc, would be nice if they would focus on that also, I’m sure that A LOT of ppl would be happy and grateful that they are listen to and looked after by Xbox, I hope guys that you know what I try to say ?

  65. The problem with Xbox is lack of exclusive content. I owned both a PS4 and Xbox one last gen and rarely played my Xbox. Why? No exclusives. Sure there’s halo (the bad ones) and gears (4 sucked but 5 was decent) but I was never a crackdown player. But on top of that most exclusives you can now play on PC. I’ll still get a series x at some point but it’ll be much later.

    I hate that they’re trying to buy Activision blizzard simply because it feels like if a kid buys his own baseball trophy. They could buy the trophy sure, but they didn’t earn it.

  66. Yeah I agree with most of you all this article is a crop of you know what. The exclusives are coming and in the mean time I’ve been very satisfied with my xbox series x.

  67. I do not see why Microsoft has to have their hand in everything. My opinion it is Microsoft that is the problem. They do not care about their consumers or about the quality of things they sell. All they really care about is making money. For some reason you even have to pay to talk to a support tech. That’s how little they care about consumers.

  68. I have a Series S and a PS5. I barely ever use my PS5 for anything other than exclusives. I use my Series S every day. I love GoW Ragnarok and Forbidden West. But that’s all my PS5 has been used for in the last two years. The Series is an objectively better value to any gamer.

  69. Disappointed in the lengthy delay of the release of Starfield. It’s kinda obscene.

  70. I love Xbox but the problem for me is the price. I won’t spend 500+ on a new system. So I’ll be waiting for the price drop.

  71. I have series x and PS4
    I am very happy with my consoles
    Having a desktop computer or laptop costing more money each time just to upgrade
    Buying a gaming computer or laptop costs more money than the consoles

  72. Honestly Xbox has been failing for a while now I’m shocked they are still going Sony has come out with new tech each release and betters the tech they had previously Xbox is pushing the same old same old. They want better then do better.

  73. I’m xbox fun but I left it for ps because we buy console to play games and not for decoration. Xbox can’t compete with ps in term of games. What is the need odd building powerful console if you don’t produce better and interesting games. I will go back to xbox if things change.

  74. Problem with the XBox is unless you play strictly sports games online there’s literally nothing unique offered. Even then, those games can all be had on PS5 and PC. The exclusive RPG library is basically non-existent. There is really no reason for any informed gamer to get an XBOX unless you want backwards compatibility, or to play sports games online that are already on PS4 and PC. What they need is a few unique IP’s akin to Nintendo’s Zelda, or Playstations God of War. Games that actually sell consoles because they can’t be had anywhere else. At this point they might as well slap Windows in it so people can just install Steam, RetroArch, and GOG, and include a keyboard and mouse with the thing. Offer a killer gaming PC that can be upgraded for a killer price.

  75. I had the S and the X and sold both consoles. Indie pass is not a good value. If it had games like elden ring, re4, dead space, Star Wars jedi survivor, it would be a different story. But we were held over with 95% indie games and pay to play first party DLC’s for games on gamepass like Forza.

  76. Despite XBX being technically and esthetically the better console, I’m tired of waiting for a next gen game.The game pass was a great idea to keep customers happy for a while, but now I have lost faith. Even Starfield cannot keep my hopes up, especially after Redfall has turned out to be a terrible mediocre game in all feasible aspects.

  77. I think that mostly the xbox is a great system with in my view one mayor massive drawback in comparison to the PS5, and yes I have both consloses.

    The update system employed by the xbox sucks. Where as the PS5 does all updates in the back ground and only applies them when the downloads are complete allowing the gamer to continue to play.
    The xbox on the other hand locks the game until the update is download and with the size of some updates this is a joke. Also where as cancelling the update on the PS5 has no effect what so ever on the associated game cancelling on the xbox deletes the entire game.

    Xbox’s responae and reasoning for this is a joke, just lazy programming is all. if PS5 can do background updates then so can xbox.

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