Tactical Shooter ‘Unrecord’ Offers Unprecedented FPS Immersion

Unrecord is a tactical shooter which is set to offer players one of the most brutal and authentic experiences yet if its first gameplay trailer is anything to go by.

The game is the debut title from development studio DRAMA and is played out entirely from the body camera footage of a tactical police officer. Footage from the game first began circulating a few months ago but Unrecorded is now officially listed on Steam and has a full gameplay trailer to boot. The trailer follows the officer as they cautiously investigate an abandoned building and to call it tense would be an understatement.

Unrecord is set to offer a hyper-realistic experience not only from the game’s visuals that have honestly broken our brains a little bit but from the officer’s body movements that feel more natural than any FPS protagonist we’ve ever seen. If this game ever comes to VR it’s going to be a second-to-none experience.

Short and violent shootouts are featured in the trailer, but after an enemy is shot dead their faces are blurred out when the player gets close. It’s unclear if this is censorship that has only been applied to the trailer, or if blurring out the enemy faces was a condition for the game to get listed on Steam.

Plot details are scarce but Unrecorded is set to play out like a detective novel or thriller as they are tasked with solving a “complex case” and confronting a diverse cast of characters. While the game certainly looks impressive, there’s a sense that it’s still very early days and it won’t be coming out any time soon. There’s currently no release date but Unrecorded is available on Wishlist.

Are you excited about an immersive FPS experience with Unrecord?

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