Sonic The Hedgehog Getting Four New Lego Sets Later This Year

Four new Lego sets featuring Sonic The Hedgehog and his trusty pals are set to be released later this year and are geared toward a much younger audience.

The Lego sets were initially reported by Jay’s Brick Blog before being officially unveiled on the Sonic Twitter account. The sets feature Sonic, Amy, and Tails as well as the Blue Blur’s archnemesis Doctor Eggman who is comically absent from the official promo trailer and seems none too happy about it.

Sonic officially appeared in Lego form last year with a set that captured the character’s golden years on Sega Genesis. However, that was very clearly intended to be a collector’s item for display. The lighthearted tone of the trailer makes it clear that these new sets are there to entertain young children.

The Speed Sphere Challenge set launches Sonic across an arch and ramp while the Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge recreates Sonic’s famous level, the aim being to build enough speed to get the blue hedgehog through the loop and ring post. This set is made up of a whopping 802 pieces. Seems like a fun afternoon.

The two other sets feature Sonic’s faithful sidekick Tails in his workshop which contains his Tornado plane. Amy Rose rounds out the set with her sanctuary which features three animals and a Badnick.

The Greenhill Zone Loop Challenge is the most expensive of the set and is priced at $99.99. The Speed Sphere Challenge is substantially cheaper with a price point of $34.99. Tail’s Workshop and Tornado Plane is $39.99 and Amy’s Animal Rescue Island is $49.99. The four sets will all be released in August this year.

Which Sonic Lego Set do you have your eyes on?

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