Lego 2K Drive Trailer Shows Off Vehicle Morphing and A Chaotic Open World

Lego 2K Drive has gotten its first trailer which shows off the chaotic open world of Bricklandia and the unique mechanic of morphing vehicles while traversing the world.

The trailer comes after a since-removed report from IGN revealed the existence of the game and various details surrounding it ahead of its embargo. While that report offered a pretty good idea of what to expect from Lego 2K Drive, the reveal trailer has shattered all expectations by revealing the scope and ambition behind the collaboration between Lego Group and 2K.

The trailer features the typical humor you’d expect from a lego game as we’re treated to the finer details of what we can expect from the upcoming title. From yesterday’s report, it was assumed that players would have access to a range of vehicles ranging from cars, to boats, and off-road carts. What we didn’t expect is the ability to seamlessly morph vehicle types while traversing the world which seems to be the game’s main selling point.

More details were also revealed about the game’s single-player mode which will focus on players competing to win the illustrious Sky Trophy while contending with the villainous racer Shadow-Z. The world of Bricklandia looks suitably bonkers and will allow players to cruise around at their leisure or smash their way through robot invasions and hordes of zombies

Players will also be able to craft their own custom vehicles from over 1,000 unique pieces of Lego or they can select pre-built vehicles which include the classic McLaren Solus GT and F1 LM cars. Lego 2K Drive will feature local and online multiplayer across a range of game modes which includes split-screen competitive races with rivals and alien raids.

The standard edition of Lego 2K Drive will be available to purchase on May 19. 2023 for $69.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series but will be offered at a lower price of $59.99 on other platforms. The Awesome Edition will also be up for grabs at $99.99 and include the Year 1 Drive Pass and access to a year’s worth of post-launch DLC.

Will you be playing Lego 2K Drive in May?

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