TL;DR Daily News Roundup Featuring Counter-Strike 2, Fortnite Creative, And More

Counter-Strike 2 revealed

Insider Gaming TL;DR Daily News Roundup features all of the gaming stories you’ve missed in the past 24 hours in 100 words or less per story. Stories are in descending order from oldest to newest in the past 24 hours. Today’s TL;DR covers March 22nd, 2023.

LEGO 2K Drive Details Leak Online

  • Lego 2K Drive is an AAA open-world racing game that will be released in May.
  • Two editions are available; The Standard at $69.99 and the Awesome Edition for $99.99 (includes Year 1 Drive Pass).

Full story here.

Valve Announces Counter-Strike 2

  • Counter-Strike 2 overhauls the game’s maps, visuals, and other elements.
  • Achievements, badges, and skins will carry over from CS:GO.
  • Scheduled to release in the Summer of 2023.
  • Currently has a closed testing period – Only available for select individuals.

Full Story here.

Fortnite Releases Fortnite Unreal Editor

  • Fortnite’s Unreal Editor is now available on PC.
  • Unreal Editor lets people create the games they want with endless possibilities.
  • Epic Games says 40% of net revenue will go to creators.

Full story here.

Redfall Single-Player Impressions Release

  • Creators and Media recently played a single-player version of Redfall.

You can check out Iron Lord’s impressions here and JackFrag’s here.

Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC Revealed

  • Burning Shores DLC will cost $20 / £16.
  • Burning Shores will release on April 19.
  • Customers who pre-order Burning Shores will receive access to a Blacktide Dye Outfit and a Blacktide Sharpshot Bow

Full story here via Eurogamer.

Ninja Theory Showcases Hellblade 2 Facial Animations

  • Ninja Theory showed more of Unreal Engine’s Metahuman tool with Hellblade 2 at GCD.

You can see the short video below:

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