Fortnite’s Unreal Editor is Available Now For PC

fortnites unreal editor

During a grand reveal at GDC 2023, Epic Games confirmed that Fortnite’s Unreal Editor (UEFN) is available to access right now on PC. For years, Fortnite Creative has been a breeding ground for fan-built constructs, but the UEFN takes things a thousand steps further, offering talented creators a toolkit that they can use to create almost absolutely anything.

Fortnite’s Unreal Editor is available now on PC, and some outlets are already suggesting it could be set to rival Roblox in terms of overall opportunities for creativity. It certainly looks fantastic, and in a 30-second showcase, the sheer potential of UEFN was revealed to an eagerly-awaiting audience.

Fortnite’s Unreal Editor Is Ready To Go

The UEFN is so detailed, it’s quite literally unreal

The UEFN has officially launched as an add-on to Fortnite, and it’s totally free to install and play around with – provided you’re on PC, of course. However, it’s worth noting that Fortnite’s Unreal Editor is not for the technically weak or the faint of heart – it’s an intense, detailed, and complex application that can quickly become overwhelming to inexperienced users.

Here’s a brief showcase that reveals the potential of the UEFN:

Recently, we reported on the suggestion that all-new creator economy mechanics are coming to the Fortnite ecosystem. In a few screenshots posted on Twitter, it was revealed that Epic Games intends to have creators earn money for player engagement on their custom creations.

This was expanded on by Epic Games, and during the State of Unreal keynote speech at GDC 2023, the developer confirmed that 40% of net revenue from the in-game Item Shop will be placed into an ‘engagement pool’. There will be regular payouts made to the creators that have taken the time to build custom islands, and the amounts will be proportioned based on the level of engagement that those creators secure.

UEFN and the all-new Creator Economy 2.0 platform – what more could fans of the Fortnite ecosystem ask for?

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