LEGO 2K Drive Is an Open World AAA Racing Game Launching in May

Lego Group and 2K are teaming up for Lego 2K Drive, an open-world driving adventure game that is coming to consoles and PC in May. The new information comes from IGN, who seemingly uploaded the content prior to the embargo being lifted tomorrow.

The now-deleted report, however, did not stop eagled-eyed readers from copying the information and images before they were taken down.

The game is set to feature both single-player and multiplayer modes that will allow players to craft any vehicle they like which can be tailored towards street racing, off-road traversal, or sea travel. Vehicles can be crafted by players using over 1,000 lego pieces and are available to use in multiplayer matches.

The option for prebuilt vehicles is also available from established Lego sets like City, Creator, and Speed Champions. The Iconic McLaren Solus GT and F1 LM cars will also be included in the line-up.

Lego 2K Drive multiplayer will offer players the chance to race alongside or against each other, with competitive races set to include up to six players. A two-player split-screen mode will also be available alongside online multiplayer.

So far there are no details on whether the game will include any form of battle pass or the range of game modes that are on offer. Details on single-player also remain scarce outside of the open word setting.

While there’s no distinct mention of a battle pass, it’s been revealed that Lego 2K Drive has at least a year’s worth of post-launch content through their year-one Drive Pass which is set to include mini-figures, vehicle flairs, and a new biome. Four individual seasons of post-launch content are lined up for the Drive Pass and will each include new vehicles and themes.

The standard edition of Lego 2K Drive will be available to purchase on May 19. 2023 for $69.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series but will be offered at a lower price of $59.99 on other platforms. The Awesome Edition will also be up for grabs at $99.99 and include the Year 1 Drive Pass and all aforementioned DLC.

Will you be playing Lego 2K Drive in May?

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