LawBreakers Creator Teases Franchises Future

LawBreakers 2.0

Ask many who played, LawBreakers was a game that was simply released at the wrong time. Released in August 2017, LawBreakers was a team-based first-person shooter similar to that of competing overwatch.

Despite being generally well-received at launch, the game saw poor adaption and dwindling numbers month over month. It also launched as PlayStation 4 console exclusive, leaving Xbox One owners out to dry. This ultimately saw developer Boss Key Productions, led by founder Cliff Bleszinski, shutting down the game and its servers just a year after its release.

Now defunct for nearly five years, Bleszinski is teasing something online regarding the game’s future.

“Just got a text from my lawyer about…LawBreakers,” he said. “Stay tuned.”

The lawyer comment is certainly an interesting one due to the recent rumors regarding a possible revival of the franchise. With Boss Key Studios no longer around after its dissolution in 2018, it’s believed that only publisher Nexon could greenlight a comeback.

Without knowing the rest of the context, it would appear based on his replies to fans on Twitter that we could know something sooner rather than later about the franchise.

Are you hoping for a LawBreakers revival?

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