Advertisement Seemingly Confirms Ubisoft+ Xbox Launch

ubisoft plus

Ubisoft+ could be set to launch on Xbox soon after an advertisement for the service was found on the Microsoft Rewards app.

The advertisement was first discovered by Reddit user Polar_hun who shared it in Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit. The user notes that clicking on the advertisement page led to an error page and it’s since been removed. While the Microsoft Rewards app isn’t necessarily tied to gaming, it does advertise all of Microsoft’s services across the board.

Ubisoft has previously stated that a Ubisoft+ subscription would be entirely separate from Game Pass which means that players will have to pay for Ubisoft+ on top of their Game Pass subscription to use the service.

Last week, industry insider Jez Corden teased that the Ubisoft+ launch on Xbox but that he was unsure if it would be included in a Game Pass bundle. This would be an entirely different approach to the service on PlayStation which is included in PS Plus’ Extra and Premium tiers. However, PS Plus only has access to Ubisoft+ classic titles which are largely made up of older games.

Given that the advertisement contains key art from Far Cry 6, it seems likely that Xbox players would have full access to the service and its library of over 100 titles. As it stands, Ubisoft + is primarily geared towards PC gaming and offers users day-one access to upcoming titles and new indie games which are added every month.

Microsoft and Ubisoft could well be ironing out the finer details of any potential agreement before the service launches officially which could have led to the removal of the ad. It’s likely that any potential partnership will be announced in the coming weeks.

Are you hoping to see Ubisoft+ included with Game Pass?

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