New Last of Us Season 2 Set Leaks Show Ellie and Dina Ready for Action

the last of us season two

New images from the production of the second season of The Last of Us have emerged online, showcasing Ellie (Bellay Ramsay) and Dina (Isabela Merced) walking around the post-apocalyptic setting, tooled up and ready for action. There are clear indicators to The Last of Us Part II, with Ellie sporting her iconic tattoo, and both characters wielding the same weapons carried by their digital counterparts in the game.


The images released online recently show Ellie and Dina exploring the post-apocalyptic wastes in the second season of the award-winning show, which is set to drop in 2025. Some fans have criticised various elements of the images, from the length of Bella Ramsay’s hair to the cleanliness of the clothes that the young actors are wearing:

Eagle-eyed fans also took a few shots of sets around Vancouver, revealing a few details – including a group of actors portraying Seraphites (‘Scars’) from the second game, which was released in 2020.

The storyline for the second season hasn’t been confirmed yet, but there are expectations that it’ll deviate a little from what was shown during the 2020 game. It’s widely believed that The Last of Us Part II will unfold over two seasons, with the next batch of episodes laying the groundwork for the road ahead. Given recent casting choices, we know that we’ll get as far as to see Abby and Ellie clash, but to what extent, nobody knows.

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